Three cocktails made with Elephant Gin

Aug 24 2016, 07:00 | by Annalisa Zordan

The mixology bug has elected gin as one of the world’s trendiest spirits, Italy included. Here are three recipes designed for you by barlady Katerina Logvinova.

Gin. What is it?

Not an easy question. It’s important not to take gin for granted and to make a distinction between two types. There’s Dutch gin, obtained by distilling fermented barley and wheat added with a macerated assortment of herbs, spices, plants and roots called botanicals. And then there’s London Dry Gin, whose base is neutral alcohol. The common denominator id juniper berries which lend the spirit its flavor and aroma. And its name. Despite the Dutch origin and the initial diffusion restricted to Britain alone, this distilled spirit is now produced worldwide, from the United States and Spain to Italy and Germany. 

Gin in defense of elephants

For her cocktails Katerina uses a German gin produced southeast of Hamburg. Besides the high quality the maker is also highly concerned with elephant conservation. We’re talking of Elephant Gin, a London Dry Gin whose botanicals partially come from Africa. These are buchu, motherwort, South African devil's claw, baobab, African African wormwood and African sagebrush.15% of the company’s profits are donated to fund Space for Elephants and Big Life Foundation who fight against illegal export of ivory, which is the cause of death of approximately 35K elephants. That’s one every fifteen minutes. But back to more frivolous topics, the step-by-step recipes.

Perfect Serve Elephant Tonic

Fill a glass with ice cubes

Add a slice of fresh ginger

Chill the glass, swirling the ice cubes

Remove ginger

Add 2 apple slices

Pour in 50 ml di Elephant Gin

Slowly pour in 200 ml premium tonic water


60 ml Elephant Gin

75 ml fresh apple juice

15 ml honey syrup

25 ml lemon juice

4 fresh basil leaves

Shake and strain over ice

Garnish: a slice of lime and basil leaves (see opening image)

Classic No 10

35 ml Elephant gin

25 ml Earl Grey Tea

15 ml lime juice

10 ml sugar syrup

Shake & Strain

by Annalisa Zordan
translated by Eleonora Baldwin


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