Annalisa Zordan


Padovana di stanza a Roma, classe '84, è un'ex atleta agonistica di nuoto sincronizzato e ha fatto parte della Nazionale per sei anni consecutivi, per poi dedicarsi all'insegnamento della disciplina. Dopo essersi laureata in Filosofia, ha conseguito anche la laurea in Scienze gastronomiche. In forze dal 2012 al Gambero Rosso, attualmente è impegnata su più fronti redazionali: sito internet, mensile, guide e progetti speciali. Nel 2017 è stata premiata da Identità Golose come miglior food writer dell'anno.

Anti-aging gelato made with hydrolysed collagen

“Gelato that's good, healthy and anti-aging.” This is how the new sorbet created by the gelato maker Manuele Presenti, in collaboration with nutritionist Marrico Maurelli and Naticol company that produces collagen from the skin of the fish, presents itself.

Aug. 25 2020

Orti Geometrici. In Pescara two Abruzzesi grow local produce to make fermented foods

In Pescara an ex musician and a textile worker started the Orti Geometrici project eight years ago. Today, with their harvest, they produce lacto-fermented products, kombucha and vinegars.

Jul. 16 2020

The best restaurants for dining al fresco in Bologna

Bologna is known for its covered porticoes, but also its outdoor dining in graceful courtyards or gardens. Here are the best restaurants for dining al fresco.

Jun. 23 2020

From Farm to Fork. Pros and cons of the new European farming strategy

What are the advantages and critical points of the new European From Farm to Fork strategy. Sustainability is great, but imports from third party countries need regulations and flexibility.

Jun. 05 2020

What will happen in the Twenties in food and wine?

How do you see the future of the food and wine sector? Here are a few thoughts about the next decade.

Feb. 13 2020

Noma in Copenaghen. The menu Vegetable Season, dish by dish

We visited the new Noma (which has now celebrated a year) as soon as it opened, also trying to trace a sort of alphabet of Nordic cuisine. We're now presenting the current menu, Vegetable Season, dish by dish.

Oct. 10 2019

Edible straws: the new plastic free cocktails

From Canù edible straws to the anti-straw bartender movement. Many are moving towards a plastic free future.

Jul. 09 2019

Club Sandwich: theory and practice

What is a chef’s favourite dish? The obvious answer is the work of their star studded colleagues, to be enjoyed and studied with the eyes, the nose and the palate. But no. The favourite dish, believe it or not, is ...Leggi altro

May. 22 2019

Gluten Freak. Pop-up bakery in Milan

A pop-up bakery that showcases croissants, pain au chocolat, grilled cheese sandwichesand other leavened products in Milan. It's called Gluten Freak, a project by Laura Lazzaroni and Paolo Minguzzi.

Apr. 24 2019

Peruvian cuisine, the key to success

Peruvian cuisine is now known and appreciated worldwide. But how did the country gain this big success? Story and evolution of Peru's gastronomy.

Apr. 23 2019
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