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A glorious century and a half of history stretches behind Elah Dufour, the group that today embraces 4 important brands in the confectionery sector: Elah, Dufour, Novi, and Baratti & Milano. The oldest of these is Baratti & Milano, a company founded in Torino in 1858, specialized in the classics of Piedmontese sweet traditions: gianduiotti, cremini, cuneesi, braidesi, and pralines with Piedmontese hazelnuts as well as "Baratti" candies. Over time, the production site moved to Bra (near Cuneo), while the historic shop is in the centrally located Piazza Castello of Torino, the city of the royal Savoia family. The store still has its original 19th century décor. Next came Novi, established in Novi Ligure in 1903 and devoted to chocolate production: Fondentenero, Gran Cru Nero Nero, Gianduja Piemonte, gianduiotti, Otello pralines, Novi spreadable cream. Elah, dedicated to the preparation of sweet spreads, puddings and desserts, was founded in 1909 in Genoa by Francesco Ferdinando Moliè. The Dufour family, also in Genoa, in 1926 created the firm that carries its name, specialized in fruit gelatin candy, chocolate bonbons and a wide variety of filled candies.

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