The best bakeries in Italy awarded by Gambero Rosso

Jun 17 2024, 12:53
The new guide "Pane e panettieri d'Italia" has been released. Here are all the awardees and some reflections

“Bread with a crunchy crust and airy crumb, without giving in to trends.” These five words—“without giving in to trends”—frequently appear in the sixth edition of Gambero Rosso's "Pane e panettieri d'Italia" guide (created in collaboration with Petra), indicating our inspectors' desire to highlight that the listed bakeries are not just a passing fad or a social media phenomenon. Large air pockets can indeed indicate the quality of fermentation, but not always (we debunked other myths about bread here). Moreover, there are good flours that do not allow the formation of large air pockets. So, how do you recognize good bread if not by its air pockets? Smell it. Bread should first and foremost smell of wheat, grass, chamomile... bread should express a terroir, as master baker Davide Longoni would say.

More and more bakers are taking the field

That's why we are very pleased and somewhat satisfied with the data gathered during the guide's preparation: about 10% of bakeries grow their own grains, and even if they do not meet the entire demand, these are mostly local grains. These grains can be a genetic adaptive response to environmental challenges and genuinely characterize the bread, making it local again. Growing grain or personally verifying what happens in the field can also become trendy, but it doesn't matter if it fuels a virtuous and empathetic cycle. Here, the baker puts themselves in the farmer's shoes, the miller collaborates with the farmer, or the farmer wonders how the bread made with their grain will be. This, as you understand, has enormous value, first socially and then economically. This is why bread should be made and paid for at a fair price.

The best bakeries in Italy: special aawards, Tre Pani, and new entries

This vision is shared by most of the bakeries featured in Gambero Rosso's "Pane e panettieri d'Italia 2025" guide (558, fifty-four more than the previous edition) and by all the awardees: 3 Special Awards and 64 Tre Pani, with six new entries, two of which are in Rome, the city perhaps experiencing a golden period. Among these awardees are diverse stories, from the Apulian who brought focaccia to Udine (Mamm Pane, Vino e Cucina) to the Bergamasque who opened a micro bakery in Galatina, Lecce (Settecroste), from the Economics graduate who chose to return to his hometown (Forno Sammarco in San Marco in Lamis, Foggia), to the son of a baker who loves to experiment, to the former lawyer who decided to change her life at forty to start baking with two main principles: environmental sustainability and health, meaning that bread as food should not be harmful. And upon reflection, you can do everything within these boundaries.

The 2025 "Pane e panettieri d'Italia 2025" is produced in collaboration with

Gambero Rosso's "Pane e panettieri d'Italia 2025" Guide Special Awards

Emerging Baker
Andrea Cirolla of Settecroste in Galatina (Lecce)

Bakery of the Year
Stria Pane e Cucina in Reggio Emilia

Bread and Territory
Farina del mio sacco in Atessa (Chieti)

I Tre Pani

(in the following list, bakeries that have received the Tre Pani for the first time are indicated with NEW)

Valle d’Aosta

Le Coin Du Pain - Saint Christophe [AO]


Panetteria Fagnola Dal 1923 - Bra [CN]

Cuore di Pane Bio - Cabella Ligure [AL]

Vulaiga - Fobello [VC]

Marcarino Roddino - Roddino [CN]

Grano Fornai in Fermento - Santena [TO]

Ficini - Torino

Perino Vesco - Torino

Luca Scarcella Il Forno Dell'angolo - Torino

Spoto Bakery Voglia Di Pane – Torino


Il Pane di Maurizio Sarioli - Brescia

Grazioli - Legnano [MI]

Panetteria Rio dal 1929 - Mantova

Crosta - Milano

LePolveri Panificio Diurno - Milano

Davide Longoni Pane - Milano

Forno Del Mastro - Monza

Tilde Forno Artigiano - Treviglio [BG]

Cerere L'atelier del Pane - Triuggio [MB]


Olivieri 1882 - Arzignano [VI]

Marinato - Cinto Caomaggiore [VE]

Grigoris LaBakery - Mestre [VE]

Forno Veneziano - Piove Di Sacco [PD]

Renato Bosco Bakery - San Martino Buon Albergo [VR]

Il Fornaio Fratelli Zenatti dal 1979 - Sommacampagna [VR]

Trentino Alto Adige

Panificio Moderno – Isera [TN]

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Il Posto di Follador - Pordenone

Jerian - Trieste

Mamm Pane, Vino e Cucina – Udine NEW

Emilia Romagna

Forno Brisa - Bologna

Micropanificio Mollica - Carpi [MO]

Nel Nome del Pane Cappelletti & Bongiovanni - Dovadola [FC]

La Butega ad Franton - Guastalla [RE]

Il Forno di Calzolari - Monghidoro [BO]


Pank La Bulangeria - Firenze

Lievitamente - Viareggio [LU]


L'assalto ai Forni - Ascoli Piceno

Pandefrà - Senigallia [AN]


Pezz De Pane - Frosinone

Panificio Bonci - Roma

Lievito Francesco Arnesano - Roma

Panificio Marè - Roma NEW

Antico Forno Roscioli - Roma

Triticum Micropanificio Agricolo - Roma

Tulipane - Roma

Zampa Forno Etico – Roma NEW


Førma Bakery - L'aquila

Mercato del Pane - Montesilvano [PE]


La Francesina Boulangerie - Ercolano [NA]

Malafronte - Gragnano [NA]

Foorn - Mariglianella [NA]

Antica Forneria Molettieri – Napoli NEW


Panificio Adriatico - Bari

Spacciagrani Forno Indipendente - Conversano [BA]

Il Toscano - Corato [BA]

Forno Sammarco - San Marco In Lamis [FG] NEW

Lula Pane e Dessert - Trani [BT]


Pane e Pace – Matera


Forno Biancuccia - Catania

Francesco Arena Mastro Fornaio - Messina

Panificio Guccione - Palermo

Martinez – Trapani


Madriga – Cagliari NEW

PBread Natural Bakery – Cagliari

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