food waste

The cuisine of leftovers: traditional Italian recipes

Fighting food waste with taste: the most delicious recipes based on leftovers, and our tips for recovering waste.

Cooking with scraps: that’s why it’s time to use waste

A key detail to keep in mind: it’s always better to use fresh vegetables quickly. For the rest, a sustainability expert explains everything about the use of skins and leaves.

Flours with the fruit scraps. The new project of the University of Bozen · Bolzano

Reconciling sustainability, taste and health is not a mission impossible. This is demonstrated by the free Bolzano University, which has just developed a method for reusing parts of the apples discarded by the confectionery industry. The result? A fortified flour...

Bestbefore. The anti-waste e-commerce of expiring products or unsold stock

Bestbefore is an Italian startup, created by two Piemontesi. It aims to combat food waste by offering companies the opportunity to reduce disposal costs for products otherwise destined for pulp. Meanwhile, it guarantees the consumer good food at a reduced...

Soy Comida Perfecta. Only perfect food for the Spanish startup against food waste

Many products that remain unsold in supermarkets or that don't even make it to the shelf because of aesthetics: this the kind of food sold by Soy Comida Perfecta, the Spanish startup that fights food waste. 

Denmark invests in fine dining. 5M Euro supporting the sector development: here’s why

With the advent – started more than a decade ago – of the New Nordic Cuisine movement, Denmark is investing more and more in the food sector. Now, it's time to fight against food waste and promote food and wine...

Fighting food waste. New York makes clean energy from leftovers

As the commitment to environmental sustainability becomes urgent, food habits and customs are changing. New approaches to fighting waste continually emerge.

Goals of the Just Eat Ethical Restaurant: reduce waste and redistribute food

The Just Eat food delivery leading brand’s commitment to the fight against food waste. It’s done via a series of restaurants that have chosen to redistribute food surplus and transform leftovers in gourmet meals. The launch of the Just Eat...

Food sustainability index, France is the first country for food rewenability, Italy comes sixth

France, Japan and Canada are the countries where we can eat best, not only in terms of taste and quality of the products, but also in terms of consumption and sustainability. A new index measures that practices used to make...

Law against food waste ratified in Italy. These are all the changes

The journey of the forward-looking law regulating food waste in Italy has ended with a victory. Meaning awards instead of punishment, abatement of bureaucratic obstacles and food education 
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