Many products that remain unsold in supermarkets or that don't even make it to the shelf because of aesthetics: this the kind of food sold by Soy Comida Perfecta, the Spanish startup that fights food waste. 


“Only perfect food”. This is the unequivocal name of the startup against food waste created by Desiree Taboada, long committed to raising awareness on major environmental issues, which together with partner Natalia Escolà created an online store to recover food leftovers. Fruit with irregular shapes or not very appealing, boxes of cereal a bit dented or bottles of drinks with the label upside down: many products that remain unsold in supermarkets or that don’t even make it to the shelf because of aesthetics. That’s precisely what Desiree wants to restore value to, as well as those still edible even after expiry. As long as healthy and tasty.

A real market that relies on a constantly expanding network of suppliers, and that takes care of home delivery in different neighborhoods of Barcelona and Castelldefels, currently the only two locations where the service is available, even if Desiree said she wants to expand as soon as possible, In Spain but also to other European countries. Keyword: transparency.

Through the website – or the app – consumers can get all the necessary details for the purchase, from the ingredients to expiration date. And also the kind of damage that the food has suffered. An original idea first approached at Castelldefels, with only 40 participating suppliers, and later in Barcelona, “the feedback from the public was positive from the onset, we often receive messages of thanks and even advice on how to improve the service“.