Goals of the Just Eat Ethical Restaurant: reduce waste and redistribute food

Feb 6 2017, 07:00 | by Michela Becchi

The Just Eat food delivery leading brand’s commitment to the fight against food waste. It’s done via a series of restaurants that have chosen to redistribute food surplus and transform leftovers in gourmet meals. The launch of the Just Eat Ristorante Solidale is now, January 2017.

Just Eat

JustEat, leading food delivery brand present in Italy since 2011 that’s in constant expansion, is receiving quite the media coverage. Since the launch of UberEats, home delivery service born for the Uber brand at Food Tech Accelerator, food start-up accelerator, with stocks sold on the London stock market: Just Eat is always at the heart of contemporary food tech scene. Boasting innovative projects, original ideas and smart marketing moves have allowed the brand to grow exponentially. 

The project

The last strategy is the Ristorante Solidale, first sustainable food delivery service developed with Caritas Ambrosiana, an ecclesiastical organization of the Milan engaged in the fight against food waste with distribution of surplus to the less affluent. The project was launched in January in Milan, but Just Eat is planning to replicate the franchise in Rome and other Italian cities, with the support of partner restaurants.  Another partner in the enterprise is PonyZero, an eco-friendly delivery service provider that will support Just Eat in food delivery and pick-up. “We’re very proud to announce the birth of this project in collaboration with PonyZero and Caritas Ambrosiana. For us working in the food delivery service market, food represents a precious resource of immeasurable value.” explains Daniele Contini, Country Manager of Just Eat in Italy.

The restaurant

Twelve restaurants have already joined: Japanese Kombu, the three branches of C'era una volta una Piada, Lapa Milano, Tram-Laboratorio del tramezzino veneziano, the two restaurants of Il bue e la patata and the four stores in the Panini Crocetta chain. Fresh produce, bread, ready-made dishes packaged for delivery and surplus reuse, thanks to a clever series of tasty and healthy recipes. These are just some of the specialties offered in the participating restaurants. “With Ristorante Solidale we’re actually contributing with restaurants to draw attention on the negative impact generated by food waste, and thus spread a bigger awareness on the value of sustainable behaviour”, closes Contini.

The goals

The project is in stride with the new law against food waste dated 19 August 2016 that was ratified in September. The goal of this is fostering the collection and donation of foodstuffs, medication medicine and other non-profit products. To engage further the free distribution of food, the operation offers tax cuts. 


by Michela Becchi
translated by Eleonora Baldwin

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