Grappa. Exports are on the rise in 2020, but production is down

According to Istat data relating to 2020, AssoDistil reports that there was a 13% increase in exports for Italian grappa. Here are the details.

Made in Italy export: in 2021 the agriculture-food sector is about to break another record

The first quarter of 2021 saw an increase in exports close to 20%, giving Italy precedence over the performance of other G7 countries. Here are the details of the agricultural food export.

Agriculture stalled in the first quarter: good wine exports but falling prices

Wine rose again compared to 2018, selling out with 4.9 million hectoliters, but there's a general decline in prices. All the details about the first part of the year for the agricultural sector.

Wine markets: the free trade agreement increases EU wine in Japan

The trade agreement between the European Union and Japan is helping EU wine export. Here are the results.

Abruzzo's wine: good exports in nine months

The value of Abruzzo wine exports has exceeded 130 million euros in the 9 months of 2018. With +4.5%, higher than the national average (3.4%), it brings revenues to 130 million euros. Here are all the details.

For the French, Italy is the leading country in the wine market

According to a French study, Italy obtains the leading position in the wine market thanks to its native grapes and competitive prices. All the results.

Wine consumption: Milan and Rome among the top 10 world cities

Paris leads the scene of wine consumption in the world. Milan and Rome are also in the list of the top 10 cities, with 1.7 milion hl. Here are the results of the Wine Paris' study.

Villa Sandi, the art of Prosecco conquers Japan

Fresh, versatile, lively bubbly: Prosecco is one of the most appreciated Italian wines all around the world. Here is the successful story of Villa Sandi, a top quality winery in the Prosecco area and the whole Veneto.

The French love mozzarella, Americans love Pecorino, the Chinese adore ricotta: a map of Italian cheese loved around the world

[caption id="attachment_133264" align="alignnone" width=""]formaggi italiani dop[/caption] An unusual map of Italian cheeses of which products are most loved outside of the country, and where they are mostly imported to. The study conducted by Assolatte is an indicator of how foreign...
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