Lunch at the restaurant, even in the afternoon. The kitchens of Italy reinvent themselves

Forced to close at 6 pm, many restaurateurs have chosen to extend their lunch service to the late afternoon. A habit that never before, until now, has proven successful in Italy. This time however, even famous names have embraced the...

Curfew in Berlin for bars and restaurants: closing from 11pm to 6am

Even the capital of Germany is running for cover after the rapid increase in infections last week, in any case much more contained than elsewhere in Europe. All commercial activities, including bars and restaurants, will be closed at night until...

The Wuhan wet market is a digital art piece. Anyone can visit, using a smartphone

Wuhan, Wet Market, is the digital art piece by artist John Craig Freeman, who started the project in 2016, unaware of what would have happened in 2020. Today his exploration of the Chinese market in Wuhan proves to be very...

Wine and Covid-19. The challenges and the experience

Wine entrepreneurs at the time of Covid-19 are facing new challenges. The markets are reopening, so here's what we can do to help.

Restarting cocktail bars according to Patrick Kong Pistolesi of Drink Kong

Drinking a good cocktail at the bar doesn't necessarily involve gatherings. Indeed, it can and must be done in total safety. Here's how Drink Kong is doing it in Rome.

Being a restaurateur. “A love story” by Francesco Panella

“Our job? We make people forget about problems and make them feel what they really are: special.” A message of love by restaurateur Francesco Panella.

Germany: strict rules and few seasonal workers in the world of wine

The world of wine in Germany is changing due to Coronavirus emergency. The safety rules are extremely strict and there can be only a few seasonal workers.

Portugal’s wine market: estimated loss of 50% in sales

Coronavirus has been having very serious consequences for the entire wine sector in Portugal. Here a quick analysis of sales.

Thermometer used in restaurants and public businesses hailing from the world of wine

TAACfatto is a standing thermometer that can be used in restaurants and public businesses. The idea comes from Marco Zorzettig, Friulian wine entrepreneur.

Madeleine Stenwreth, Stockholm Sweden: the boom of bag in box wine

'+40% for bag in box wine. For Madeleine Stenwreth it’s time to focus on low impact wine and revise the European label law.
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