Thermometer used in restaurants and public businesses hailing from the world of wine

May 27 2020, 14:10 | by Gambero Rosso
TAACfatto is a standing thermometer that can be used in restaurants and public businesses. The idea comes from Marco Zorzettig, Friulian wine entrepreneur.

Thermometer in restaurants from the wine world

While the images of improbable beach plexiglass changing rooms are circulating online, there are those who seriously wonder about the necessary measures to return to safely while visiting social places, which will have the hardest time dealing with the difficulties of the recovery. Marco Zorzettig, Friulian wine and beer entrepreneur, came up with a simple and necessary idea tailored for restaurants, bars and public places: a standing thermometer, called TAACfatto, 170 cm high and 35 cm wide, to be installed at the entrance of any public exercise, which detects body temperature of those walking in, granting access only to people whose temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius. In this case, a green traffic light goes on, otherwise the technology transmits an acoustic and flashing light signal to the customer and the dining room staff, alerting everyone's attention. The idea was born with the intention of supporting HoReCa channel by virtue of the relationship of mutual esteem and convenience between those who produce wine and beer - like Zorzettig - and those who buy them for their local venues.

Thermometer in restaurants: how it works

The instrument, patented as a health protection software, was designed in collaboration with Gimmi Bodigoi, owner of the SBengineering Studio. The advantages? The thermometer is quick to install and to connect, and does not take up too much space; it also avoids the use of personnel in charge of access control at the entrance to the room. And it does not sell for an exorbitant price: the 2,500 euros of the basic price list can benefit from a tax break (50% deduction) included in the Budget Law 2020, for "safety devices". And an upgrade for the instrument is already available, provided in the premium version with a turnstile whose opening is subject to the detection of a suitable temperature. Further accessories available are people counters to keep track of number of customers in the dining room (this too will be essential to better manage return to normalcy), a sound device that integrates an acoustic signal and path-marking devices to channel the flows of people. TAACfatto has the CE mark, it can be sold all over the world and will be available on the market in three weeks.

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