Managing a restaurant in Sweden’s soft lockdown. Giancarlo Clark’s experience in Stockholm

Since 1988 Mancini has been a point of reference for Italian dining in Stockholm. Sommelier Giancarlo Clark tells us how the sector is experiencing the crisis in a Sweden that apparently never stopped.

May. 12 2020

Wine post-Coronavirus. Felix Jermann: “It’s not the end of the world”

How will the world of wine be after Coronavirus? We asked Felix Jermann, the young fame of famous Jermann winery. Here is what he told us.

May. 08 2020

Wine market at the time of Coronavirus: Oiv data

The collapse of Horeca and wine tourism and the Covid-19 lockdown will radically change the wine market. For consumption, average prices and profits, the decline will be inevitable, especially in Europe with estimates of –35% in volume and –50% in ...Leggi altro

May. 08 2020

Wine and the happy eggplant. Starting over after Coronavirus

How will the wine sector be after Coronavirus? It's time for a new start. With the words written by Chilean author Luis Sepúlveda.

May. 06 2020

Surgical masks made with coffee filters. The idea of a German company

The efforts of the food world to fight the pandemic continue. The latest idea comes from a coffee filter company, which started manufacturing surgical masks using their filter.

May. 05 2020

Distribution: losses up to 60%. Club Excellence: ” Who can, should pay”

Club Excellence takes stock of the performance of the sector of wine and spirits distribution. Here's what's happening.

May. 04 2020

Dining after the Coronavirus: Davide Oldani speaks. The restaurant of the future is Pop

Dining after Coronavirus will be different for sure. How will the restaurants look like once the pandemic is over? Here's the answer by an Italian chef.

Apr. 30 2020

Coronavirus. Bars and restaurants are closed: appeals from the great chefs

Following the Italian model, there are many countries that are armoured to avoid contagion. The first businesses that stop are bars and restaurants. What the chefs are saying about it.

Apr. 15 2020

Coronavirus: wine does not transmit it. Guaranteed by Assoenologi

Wine does not transmit Coronavirus, so drinking is safe. And the contamitation with the packaging appears very remote, too.

Apr. 09 2020

Wine at the time of quarantine

I am locked up, like many of you, within the walls of home. In Italy we have been like this for over 3 weeks. I am sitting in the cellar with my laptop placed on a crate of wine and ...Leggi altro

Mar. 31 2020
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