Coronavirus: wine does not transmit it. Guaranteed by Assoenologi

Apr 9 2020, 14:37 | by Gambero Rosso
Wine does not transmit Coronavirus, so drinking is safe. And the contamitation with the packaging appears very remote, too.

The virus does not survive in wine

The virus is not transmitted in wine. Assoenologists also chimed in to explain the concept: "The survival of the virus in wine appears impossible" reiterated the association of oenologists after confronting the medical community "as the combined presence of alcohol, a hypotonic environment and polyphenols, prevents the life and multiplication of the virus itself". Not only. The group led by Riccardo Cotarella also explained that "moderate consumption of wine, linked to responsible drinking, can contribute to a better sanitation of the oral cavity and pharynx, the area where the viruses nest during infections".

Drinking wine at the time of Coronavirus

So, drinking a glass of wine is never wrong, especially in time of Covid-19 (but after a few days a clarification by doctors arrived, who denied the truthfulness of the statement, strongly criticized by many: "There is no scientific proof of this statement, disinfection requires much more–explains Riccardo Gatti, director of Sert at Santi Paolo e Carlo Hospital in Milan–it's embarrassing to disclose a concept that increases confusion, by divulging people towards unnecessary practices that are unhealthy"). As far as packaging, Assoenologi maintains that "the contamination appears very remote, if not even statistically non-existent, considering the short life of the virus and absence of a potential living biological host".

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