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Top Italian Restaurants in San Francisco (and surroundings)

San Francisco doesn't follow fashion. It dictates it. Just look at the wave of organic products, of natural wines, and the long-established success of orange wines.  The most European city in the United States offers extraordinary Italian restaurants, ones that combine sophisticated yet pure cucina along with memorable wine lists. It's all the byproduct of a sensibility unique in the nation. Even the pizza is exceptional - light, well-made, crisp. 


Tony's Pizza Napoletana

Italian by birth, but now living in the States, Tony Gemignani has become a celebrity in the field of pizza. Winning several world championships and...
San Francisco 
$ 70.0

Ristobar - Emporio Rulli

Ristobar is Emporio Rulli's restaurant in the heart of Marina discrict. The menu features lots of classic Italian recipes that are well executed. We suggest...
San Francisco 
$ 50.0

Italico Restaurant & Wine Bar

We're happy to greet this lovely restaurant and wine bar in our guide. First of all, we were very impressed by the wine selection which...
Palo Alto 
$ 50.0

Vina Enoteca

A rustic and casual atmosphere identifies this bar restaurant opened on October 2016 by Rocco Scordella. He created an effective concept, a multifunctional eatery that...
Palo Alto 
$ 40.0


If you're a curious wine lover, AltoVino is easily going to suit you. Even an Italian will be surprised by selection which is perfectly paired...
San Francisco 
$ 69


An enoteca wineshop in California. Shelley Lindgren continues to promote Italian wines in her three locations, especially with regards to the grape varieties of Southern...
San Francisco 
$ 40

Belotti - Ristorante e Bottega

The restaurant of the young and volcanic Michele Belotti that offers a truly solid and traditional cuisine, enlivened by refined products, also locally sourced, and...
$ 50


This is a smart, eco-friendly, and contemporary concept in the heart of San Mateo, a 30 minute ride outside San Francisco. Pausa is at the...
San Mateo 
$ 30

Montesacro - Pinseria Enoteca

Gianluca Legrottaglie had the merit of introducing the much appreciated Roman pinsa in the United States. Following the opening of the restaurant in San Francisco,...
San Francisco 
$ 40


An Italian milestone in San Francisco since 1989. Chef Suzette Gresham and Giancarlo Paterlini’s Nob Hill restaurant has very few Italian restaurant contenders in the...
San Francisco 
$ 190

Il Casaro

Il Casaro is a San Francisco magnet for lovers of pizza napoletana. Francesco Covucci, originally from Calabria, offers a well-made pizza with good quality raw...
San Francisco 
$ 50.0


What a lovely wine bar. Opened by Claudio Villani in the Cole Valley neighborhood in 2013, today displays new owners (Kari and Francesco) but the...
San Francisco 
$ 64.0

La Ciccia

In San Francisco it's hard not to know or never having been to La Ciccia. The Italian restaurant - pardon, Sardinian - is well known...
San Francisco 
$ 72.0

54 Mint

This Italian restaurant opened in 2009. The management is entrusted to Gianluca Legrottaglie, a Rome native partner, and his origins are immediately evident in the...
San Francisco 
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