La Ciccia

Average Price: $ 72  

In San Francisco it’s hard not to know or never having been to La Ciccia. The Italian restaurant – pardon, Sardinian – is well known throughout the city and beyond. At the helm are Sardinian native Massimiliano Conti and his wife Lorella Degan. It is a small oasis of joy where one feels at home, thanks to fine meals and an always impeccable welcome. Sardinian flavours and fragrances hold true to authentic recipes. The menu, strictly written in Sardinian, includes musts such as seared lamb chops sardinian olives tapenade, artisanal fusilli sea urchin tomato grated tuna heart, fregula with endive and tuna, malloreddus Campidanese which are small pasta shells dressed with tomato sauce, saffron and fresh sausage. As far as entrées, choose the pork, lamb or the roast fish. There are plenty of glasses to choose from in an enjoyable wine list that includes unbeatable labels from other regions as well.

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