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This is a smart, eco-friendly, and contemporary concept in the heart of San Mateo, a 30 minute ride outside San Francisco. Pausa is at the same time an Italian-style bar, a pizzeria and very well focused traditional restaurant focused on Italian regional recipes. There’s always a good reason to come to this place opened by Andrea Giuliani, chef and owner with Steve Ugur. Fine selection of housemade cured meats and cheeses perfectly paired with different kinds of bread and focaccia. From the menu we suggest the butcher’s spinach agnolotti, filled with pancetta, ricotta and savoy cabbage, or a classic margherita pizza: soft, airy and crispy. Quality flours make the difference here. Don’t miss the family style lamb shank available on Synday. The Italian labels on the well-structured wine list include smaller producers, with acceptable markups. In addition, there’s a lovely selection of spirits for aficionados, including gins and whiskeys. We're holding our final rating till the next visit.


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Closed Saturday
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