54 Mint

Average Price: € 60  

This Italian restaurant opened in 2009. The management is entrusted to Gianluca Legrottaglie, a Rome native partner, and his origins are immediately evident in the choice of many Roman cuisine dishes. Legrottaglie has lived in the States for almost twenty years. Preparations are classic, the ingredients are in season, and there’s a strong appreciation of the great Italian products at the base of the cuisine. Make sure to savour the mezzemaniche amatriciana, the chicken with sweet peppers or fish of the day, which is enriched with saffron, bottarga and eggplant, roman supplì, gnocchi al ragù, tonnarelli cacio e pepe. There is a great wine list with many labels belonging to small artisan wineries. And if you’re looking for a great cocktail you will be satisfied immediately.

Closing days:
Closed Saturday and Sunday at lunch
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