Michela Becchi

Coffees – Italians do it better the first ever documentary on the opening of Starbucks in Italy

It’s now more than official: Starbucks Reserve will open in Milan, in piazza Cordusio, in 2018. The wait is fervent. What are the thoughts on this by the Italian coffee-expert community? And the expats? A documentary inquires on the US...

Top 10 Italian restaurants according to the readers of The Guardian, with assorted surprises

Italian food is among the world’s most rich and fascinating. The British know this well, hence the The Guardian has asked its readers to draw a ranking of Italy’s best restaurants.

Top 5 vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Lisbon in the lead, Rome ranks too

Increasing numbers have embraced the vegan choice, for this reason restaurants have begun to study menus for non-meat eating patrons. Spanish tourist start-up Hundredrooms has singled out the 5 most vegan friendly cities in Europe. Italy is among them.

American grill king Steven Raichlen’s Italy plans

The guru of barbecue in America and beyond for the past 20 years. Steven Reichlen has been contributing to the growth of grilling culture and fine dining in America. His TV shows, books and teaching seminars are proof of this....

Leone de Castris. «A key meeting place for the wine sector»

De Castris wine has shaped the history of Pugliese enology. Gracing Italian tables for more than four centuries, Five Roses is surely the most famous rosé in the world.

Italian sounding. Stop to the registration of "Calpolicella" in the USA

There's no end to the attempts at imitation of Amarone della Valpolicella. The Consorzio di tutela vini della Valpolicella and the Verona Chamber of Commerce protested to the American copyright office and blocked a classic instance of Italian sounding.

Flippy, the new robot developed to help chefs in the kitchen

Robotics and AI are in constant evolution. Hailing from California is now Flippy, a brand new android capable of cooking and aiding chefs 

Bonci comes to Chicago, Callegari opens Trapizzino in New York. Pizza italiana conquers the USA

The most popular pizzaiolo in Rome, Gabriele Bonci, is about to bring his concept of pizza beyond Italy's borders. Meanwhile, Stefano Callegari, the inventor of Trapizzino, the best known and loved Roman street food, has opened a new spot in...

The latest McDonald’s ad makes fun of the specialty coffee trend, doing it a favour

Irreverent and entertaining, the McDonald's ad aims to publicise the coffee corner of the fast food franchise, the McCafè. It does so making fun of the new trend of specialty coffee bars, highly select roasts and extracted by attentive baristas....

Olieria in Bologna: the city’s first extra virgin olive oil shop

Bologna’s unstoppable food buzz continues, with its ever-growing list of tasty destinations. The Emilia-Romagna city furthermore prepares to open its first ever “oleoteca” a store devoted to Italy’s green gold. 
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