Lucia Facchini


Fra i suoi primi ricordi, uno spicchio di pizza rubato in fase di svezzamento e la merenda con pane, ricotta e miele. Romana, classe '95, nutre da sempre grande interesse per i lievitati. Laureata in Scienze Politiche e Relazioni Internazionali, durante gli studi ha collaborato con alcune testate giornalistiche online. Dopo aver lavorato come guida turistica e organizzatrice di eventi in ambito museale, la sua fame di conoscenze enogastronomiche l'ha spinta ad iscriversi al Master in Giornalismo e Comunicazione del Gambero Rosso, grazie a cui ha iniziato a scrivere sul sito web omonimo in una rubrica dedicata all'arte bianca.

Coconut flour: recipes and nutritional properties

No vials, vanillin and aromas of dubious origin: with coconut flour it's possible to make delectable, fragrant cakes. From creamy flans to moist cookies, to fresh ricotta macaroons, we have selected for you the most delicious recipes to prepare at ...Leggi altro

Mar. 11 2021

Dark chocolate: characteristics, benefits and culinary use

Nourishing, precious and healthy: dark chocolate has always been shrouded in sacredness. Choosing the right kind, however, is not so obvious, given the numerous "false myths" about it. We talked about chocolate with a great expert who shared strategies for ...Leggi altro

Mar. 10 2021

Japanese ramen: history and recipes to make it at home

Chinese by birth and Japanese by adoption, over time ramen has been enriched with ever new ingredients, enhancing the umami taste of the broth that characterizes the basic recipe. Today it is offered in many different versions, but traditional purists ...Leggi altro

Mar. 05 2021

Pistachio flour: properties, recipes and where to find it

Pastry chefs use it to prepare eye-catching desserts, chefs to enrich mouth-watering pastas and Mediterranean fish-based dishes. We're explaining how to use it in home recipes, taking inspiration from the great classics of Italian cuisine. Before turning on the stove, ...Leggi altro

Mar. 04 2021

Edible flowers. Tips by Crea for using them in the kitchen with chef’s recipes

Flowers to eat: why not? As the latest research from Crea shows, adding petals and buds to dishes is not just a trend. To use them correctly in the kitchen, however, you need to know them: the chefs who are ...Leggi altro

Feb. 26 2021

Flours with the fruit scraps. The new project of the University of Bozen · Bolzano

Reconciling sustainability, taste and health is not a mission impossible. This is demonstrated by the free Bolzano University, which has just developed a method for reusing parts of the apples discarded by the confectionery industry. The result? A fortified flour ...Leggi altro

Feb. 24 2021

Corn flour: culinary use, properties and recipes

If until now you have used corn flour exclusively for making classic polenta, now is the time to get to expand your knowledge a little. From Mexican tacos to Piedmontese meliga biscuits, up to a crunchy breading for homemade fritters, ...Leggi altro

Feb. 23 2021

Art and science: the works reveal the botanical evolution of fruit and vegetables.

What did plant species look like in the Renaissance? And how many transformations did they undergo before taking on their current shape and colours? The answer emerges from ancient art masterpieces, which can provide researchers with invaluable information on the ...Leggi altro

Feb. 21 2021

Egypt: a 5,000 year old “industrial brewery” discovered in Abydos

Apparently, the distinction between artisanal and industrial breweries dates back to the Nile Civilisation: a "brewery" has just been found in the archaeological site of Abydos that rivals the big multinationals in the brewing industry. Date of construction? 5,000 years ...Leggi altro

Feb. 19 2021

Flaxseed flour: properties, how to use it and recipes

Studies maintain that it helps prevent the onset of tumors, fights constipation and is an excellent tonic for replenishing energy during the cold season. Not only that: you can use it as a thickener in the preparation of desserts, bread, ...Leggi altro

Feb. 11 2021
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