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Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà 2019

sweet white


VINEYARD | Terraces overlooking the sea and dizzying panoramic views. Located near Vernazza, where vineyards grow on almost vertical hilly walls. The vineyards of Fossà, Contra, Lamma, from which the grapes of this Sciacchetrà come, are suspended on stands overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Those who take care of the grape harvest and the care of the vines, negotiate 360 stone steps, a comfortable path to go up and down at an altitude between 30 and 150 meters above sea level. A snapshot that alone illustrates the concept of extreme viticulture.
PEOPLE | Lise Bertram and Bartolomeo Lercari, in addition to sharing the same qualification as agronomists, have carried out a common project. From academic practice to that of viticulture, the journey was uphill, especially when it comes to managing and growing a winery that sees among its objectives recovering uncultivated vineyards and building dry stone walls, one by one. However, in the words of Lise or Bartolomeo we always find the satisfied tone of someone who has seen a dream come true.
WINE | The back label reads n°92 of 400. Not one bottle more. The colour with reddish orange reflections, almost ruby, think partridge eye, is deceiving. One might think that red grapes are used but no, only Bosco - mostly - and Vermentino. The aromas refer to honey, molasses, caramel and a fragrant hint of cherry. An inviting nose, which changes register in the mouth. Dried fruit, toasted hazelnut, returns to the mouth accompanied by a rich and almost viscous sip, with very high density. The finish plays all on a sensation of black cherry and bitter chocolate, with a background of dried flowers. 

Sacher and Pralines with nuts


rated on 09/06/2022


Wine type
sweet white
Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà Passito
€ 75,00
400 bottles
Bosco 90%
Albarola 10%
18 months in wood-barrel
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