Lucia Facchini


Fra i suoi primi ricordi, uno spicchio di pizza rubato in fase di svezzamento e la merenda con pane, ricotta e miele. Romana, classe '95, nutre da sempre grande interesse per i lievitati. Laureata in Scienze Politiche e Relazioni Internazionali, durante gli studi ha collaborato con alcune testate giornalistiche online. Dopo aver lavorato come guida turistica e organizzatrice di eventi in ambito museale, la sua fame di conoscenze enogastronomiche l'ha spinta ad iscriversi al Master in Giornalismo e Comunicazione del Gambero Rosso, grazie a cui ha iniziato a scrivere sul sito web omonimo in una rubrica dedicata all'arte bianca.

The real history of the wafers

The waffle biscuit has many ancestors, from Belgian waffles to German waffles. Here's the history of wafers.

Jan. 12 2021

Apple strudel. History, traditional recipe and tasty variations

Among apple-based desserts, strudel is the one with the most fascinating history. Worthy heir of Turkish baklava, over the centuries it has been "adopted" by the European confectionery tradition and has become one of the symbolic desserts of Trentino Alto ...Leggi altro

Jan. 11 2021

Food trend 2021: food, beverages and lifestyle. All the novelties of next year.

Strange products such as spreadable coffee, avocado beer and vegetable eggs will soon be on the supermarkets shelves. But 2021 will also bring a renewed interest in physical health: maybe we will choose carefully what to put in the basket.

Dec. 20 2020

Safer. The smart label that indicates the freshness of packaged food

The expiry date conundrum: according to research, consumers commonly confuse the words on food product packaging. Now a group fo researchers has created a smart label which changes colour according to the freshness of food.

Nov. 11 2020

Io Coltivo Italia, an app that allows to adopt a vegetable garden and control it remotely

Plants, too, have a digital fingerprint: it's now possible to register their data and monitor the cultivation with a smartphone app, without ever leaving home. Here's how to adopt a vegetable garden at a distance and have the products delivered.

Nov. 06 2020

Cioccolato Creativo in Ravenna, an atelier where chocolate bars become works of art

In Ravenna, art becomes sweet: in the heart of the city's historic centre the brand new atelier Cioccolato Creativo opened and is managed by two professional chocolate makers. Read the whole story, including mosaics, three-dimensional paintings and sculptures dedicated to ...Leggi altro

Oct. 21 2020

Bottega da Re: purchasing chef Luca Marchini’s recipes online

A full-fledged shop, which combines direct sales with a rich online store. It's the idea of chef Luca Marchini, who decided to enclose his recipes in jars and packages to be purchased from a dedicated website. For delightful stress-free lunches ...Leggi altro

Oct. 15 2020
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