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Fermentation. Cooking with Bacteria

Yogurt, kefir, kombucha, soy sauce, miso, tempeh: fermented products are present on every supermarket shelf. Fermentation is an ancient technique of conservation and purification of foods that is having a new day in kitchens everywhere.

Oct. 27 2017

Dining at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy: Lombardy

Italy is the country that holds the record of most UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 53 in this year’s list. Where are the best restaurants near the sites in Lombardy, and precisely in the province of Brescia?

Oct. 18 2017

Whole Foods snatches Walmart customers, whose response is detailed food deliveries

After Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods the Large Retail Organization war ison. New price policies of the famous organic food chain worries competitors, giving the company a breather. At what cost for others, though? This is how Walmart responds. 

Oct. 16 2017

Design food. 4 great contemporary objects for our kitchen

Form. Volume. Pattern. And, obviously, function. The selections on these pages are linked by a careful attention to design that makes traditional objects contemporary. Trays, glasses, plates and curtains are revisited in the light of modern-day sensibility, with small but ...Leggi altro

Oct. 15 2017

The Farmer’s Market at the Circus Maximus reopens. Again under Coldiretti with products from Lazio and earthquake areas

After months of diatribes the most famous Rome farmer’s market at the Circus Maximus will reopen. It had closed last winter with no news of a new concession. Back then the “eviction” of Campagna Amica was the talk of the ...Leggi altro

Oct. 07 2017

Local&Global: kids, farmers and world citizens at Marcigliana

A Sunday of playfulness, fine food, farming culture and cultural exchange. The latest project promoted by ABC lands at Riserva Naturale della Marcigliana, in the countryside just outside of Rome. With it come kids scampering in the fields to teach ...Leggi altro

Oct. 06 2017

Italian food halls and markets opening in the United States

First it was Eataly, now among the infinite number of markets and food halls offering local US residents affordable foods from all over the world, Italian food seems to be playing a pivotal role. From Miami to Washington DC, by ...Leggi altro

Oct. 03 2017
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