Archives 08/2016

Edible cling film: latest news in environmental research

This could be the beginning of the food packaging revolution: 100% edible plastic film developed by American research teams and recently presented at American Chemical Society’s National Meeting press conference. 

Aug. 31 2016

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016. Where the new diffused edition will be hosted

Salone del Gusto in Turin will be held September 22nd to the 26th this year, and the event is due to be a truly special one. With a brand new name, new dates and what promises to be a sensational ...Leggi altro

Aug. 30 2016

Signature seafood recipes from Guido, Uliassi and La Madonnina del Pescatore

We asked 12 chefs who focus their cuisine on fish to each lend us one of their recipes. Today it’s Mauro Uliassi, Moreno Cedroni and Gianpaolo Raschi’s turn, two hail from Le Marche and the latter form Emilia-Romagna

Aug. 29 2016

The first Moleskine Café opens in Milano. Quality coffee alongside the celebrated notebooks

A new original bar was inaugurated last month in Milan. The Café puts together the style of literary café with the taste of Italian espresso. 

Aug. 28 2016

How price creates image in the wine market

How much does price create image in the wine market? An experiment from the California Institute of Technology shows impressive results about how consumers brains work when it comes to price. 

Aug. 27 2016

Top 10 central Italy restaurants for the end of summer

Italians summers can last as long as mid-October, and sometimes even beyond that. Despite this climate extension, Italians are slowly getting ready to bid summer goodbye. This comes with back-to-school anxiety and office blues. The best way to fight this? ...Leggi altro

Aug. 26 2016

Where to buy fish in Bologna: 5 recommendations by local chefs

Fish plays an important role in the regional cuisine that’s best known for its cured meats. Finding the best is the key step towards cooking a great seafood dish. Bologna chefs advise us regarding their trusted fish purveyors in town. 

Aug. 25 2016

Three cocktails made with Elephant Gin

The mixology bug has elected gin as one of the world’s trendiest spirits, Italy included. Here are three recipes designed for you by barlady Katerina Logvinova.

Aug. 24 2016

Theresa May on junk food and her about-face: the food industry must not be damaged

The latests statements of newly elected UK Prime Minister on preventing child obesity have enflamed those who have made the fight against junk food their mission, like Jamie Oliver. Here’s why Great Britain will not apply the promised restrictions.

Aug. 23 2016

Mini-guide to Italy’s minor lakes: dining around Lake Bolsena

On the ancient pilgrimage route called Via Francigena, in the Vulsinio complex, is Italy’s largest volcanic lake: Lago di Bolsena. Despite this record, and its 113 km, Lake Bolsena is considered among Italy’s “minor” lakes. In its surroundings are jewel ...Leggi altro

Aug. 22 2016
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