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Between meat and milk, Italy is the third European market for sales of vegetable products

Italians are crazy about vegetable milk, especially soy milk. But the entire sector of plant-based products is growing, for a total of 168.4 million euros in sales in 2022.

No vegetable beverages in school. The European Parliament says no, but includes organic foods

A decidedly loud no comes from the Strasbourg courtroom, which rejects the inclusion of vegetable beverages, such as those made from soy, oats or rice, within the guidelines for school programmes. Children are only allowed to drink cow's milk.

Vegan recipes. Tempeh and lettuce salad with yoghourt dressing

There are many recipes employing tempeh. For simple, fast and foolproof use, cook it in a pan and add it to a nice salad.

Vegan recipes. How to make seitan cutlets

High in protein, free from cholesterol and saturated fat, seitan is the perfect choice for a vegan dinner. Here is a recipe for creamy homemade cutlets.

Valentine's Day 2023: vegan menu and our suggestions to celebrate the occurrence at home

Who said that a romantic dinner must necessarily be fish-based? Here are our proposals to amaze with a vegan menu, and some precautions to pamper your special guest.

Breakfast: 5 ideas for the weekend

Having breakfast is something you should never give up. Here are a few delicious recipes to start the day.

A new vegan Italian cuisine: 5 recipes to try according to a famous influencer

Sarahjoyce is a famous Italian vegan influencer that can “veganize” any traditional Italian dish, from carbonara to lasagne. Here are 5 recipes from her first book.

Vegan baking: 3 dessert recipes to try this Veganuary

From breakfast pancakes tothe perfect shortcrust pastry, here are three recipes to make delicious vegan desserts at home.

7 books on veganism to read during Veganuary

Since 2014, the Veganuary initiative that invites people to refuse animal products for the entire month of January has gathered a growing number of followers. Here are some books to add to your library to understand vegan nutrition.

Veganuary: why choose to eat less meat

Time for change, starting at the table. In contributing to the fight against climate change, it's mandatory to reduce our meat intake. An easy way to get started? Veganuary invites everyone to give up on animal products for a month.
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