vegan food

Tempeh: what is it and how to cook it. Vegan recipes and ideas using “soy meat”

Born in Indonesia and today appreciated almost everywhere, especially by those choosing to give up meat. Here's how to make tempeh.

Naturally vegan: cruelty free traditional Italian dishes

Just think of spaghetti with tomato sauce, or with a simple garlic, olive oil and chilli dressing, polenta, focaccia alla Genovese. There's more: all the traditional Italian dishes that also happen to be vegan.

Eric Adams and the food policies: New York City’s mayor for Vegan Fridays

Many are the initiatives still to be developed: New York City’s mayor is committed to nutrition-related issues, proposing plant-based options and a great attention to nutritional aspect. Here are the first proposals.

Valentine's Day 2022: vegan menu and our suggestions to celebrate the occurrence at home

Who said that a romantic dinner must necessarily be fish-based? Here are our proposals to amaze with a vegan menu, and some precautions to pamper your special guest.

Vegetarian meatballs: 8 unexpected recipes

Made with legumes or grains, vegetarian meatballs are ideal for those who have chosen to follow a meatless diet but don't want to give up on the delicious balls, also perfect for a delicious appetizer. Here are some ideas to...

Veggie burgers: ideas and recipes for making them at home

Made with legumes, potatoes, tofu, seitan or soy: here are some ideas to reduce your meat intake and prepare excellent homemade veggie burgers.

Dairy-free diet: vegan alternatives for butter

Those who can not or do not want to consume dairy products, do not have to worry: there are many natural vegetable options with which to replace the classic butter in cakes.

Berlin goes vegetarian: (almost) meat-free menus in university canteens

Students are clamouring for vegan options in the canteens and the university is accommodating them. Here's how menus are changing in Berlin.

Chickpea flour: properties, uses in cooking and delicious recipes to make at home

Those who follow a vegan diet probably already know: chickpea flour is a more versatile and tasty ingredient than you might imagine. That's why we decided to take it a step further with an online cookbook. From omelettes to brownies...

World Environment Day. How to reduce environmental impact in the kitchen

What does it mean to celebrate the environment? The theme is complex and delicate, but we've drawn up a list of actions to set a good example in the kitchen, be it at home or in the restaurant.
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