United Kingdom

UK's "crooked" pub closes after two centuries. And customers launch a petition to save it

This unusual pub in the United Kingdom has been sold to an anonymous buyer. The local community is trying to save it.

The reason why Charles III celebrates with vegetables and Trump with fast food

There is a reason why a vegetable quiche was chosen for King Charles III's coronation. Pioneer of organic agriculture, the sovereign will also dictate his political line at the table. Just like others have done before him, except not always...

British food: 3 recipes to try this week

British cuisine is underrated. From traditional street food to desserts, here are 3 recipes to try at home.

UK. Increased wine production because of the climate crisis

In the period between 2004 and 2021, the UK, according to the researchers' work, saw its vineyards grow by 400%, from 761 to 3,800 hectares. Here are the details.

Shepherd's pie: origins, history and recipe of the British pie

Minced meat, Worcestershire sauce and lots of mash potato: these are the elements for the typical English "shepherd's pie", a unique mouth-watering dish that will win everyone's palate. Here's how it came about and how it's done.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee recipe book: embassy dishes

70 embassy recipes to discover British cuisine, but especially the art of diplomacy at the table. Anecdotes, stories, products approved by the Royal Family: here is the official cookbook of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

United Kingdom: Oliver Cromwell’s favourite pub is now a luxury home for sale

A historic pub transformed into an elegant home, ready for sale: the new owners will enjoy the ancient charm of the oak staircase and the period fireplace. Among the first fans of the club, back then, was Oliver Cromwell.

Darlington Market: street food sold in one of the UK's oldest covered markets

Pizza, burgers, wraps and goulash: it's all available at the renovated Darlington covered market, one of the oldest in the UK. A historic place that after more than 200 years changes its skin and becomes dedicated to street food.

News for Michelin UK: the guide will reveal new entries of the year a little at a time

Every last Wednesday of the month, the digital guide will update with new entries by the inspectors, but the final ceremony will remain. Here's how the Michelin UK guide has changed.

Picnics at Buckingham Palace gardens. The Queen’s gimmick

From July to September, for the first time in the history of the British Royal Family, it will be possible to enjoy a picnic on the Buckingham Palace lawns, until now only accessible via guided tours. An operation that hides...
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