Cocktail of the month. hOrtum galaxy by Domenico Carella

A cocktail with a pleasantly bitter taste and at the same time fresh and thirst-quenching: here's how to make hOrtum galaxy by Domenico Carella.

Feb. 05 2021

How to make homemade liqueur. From nocino to limoncello: recipes and history

Once a must in the homes of Italians, liqueurs too are back in vogue during quarantine, thanks to the large amount of time available to prepare homemade dishes and beverages. History, recipes and anecdotes about traditional Italian products.

Jan. 08 2021

My Italian pantry. Grappa, the Italian distilled beverage par excellence

From waste product to national liqueur, grape residue brandy has its origins in the Middle Ages. Here is a compendium to gain access in the magical world of grappa, populated by stills and present day "alchemists" as well as the ...Leggi altro

Jan. 06 2021

Cocktail recipes. Martini Cortado by Vincenzo Civita and Marco Colonnelli

Bartenders Vincenzo Civita and Marco Colonnelli have created a delicious cocktail with Sherry: here's the recipe for Martini Cortado.

Dec. 20 2020

Italian cocktail bars serve good food

Italian cocktail bars are starting to be all-round gastronomic destinations. So much so that they have become very credible for an all-encompassing meal: before, after or during your drink.

Dec. 19 2020

Alexander cocktail: a Classic, one name many recipes…

Alexander cocktail is a classic white drink (even John Lennon was a huge fan...). Here's our recipe!

Dec. 18 2020

Cocktails. Old but gold by Francesco Galdi

Professional bartender Francesco Galdi mixes his favourite ingredients to creare an elegant cocktail: here’s the recipe.

Dec. 17 2020

Grappa: in Trentino the production is down by 15% but the vintage is excellent

Trentino Grappa Protection Institute talks about the good quality of the grapes arriving from the 2020 harvest. Here are the details.

Dec. 15 2020

UK: the colour pink tickles Britain’s spirits and wine market

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association say that 2018 was a record year for gin sales, especially pink gin. Here are all the details.

Feb. 28 2019

The forgotten amari. 8 bitters we loved at Carosello time

Every respectable dinner in Italy ends with a good glass of amaro. So many brands to choose from, but this time we wanted to take a trip in time to remember the iconic brands of the past.

Jan. 30 2019
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