Liqueurs and spirits for use in pastry making: the best products

Fragrant, colourful, intense or delicate: spirits can be very useful to give character to our desserts. Here are the best ones to use in pastry-making.

Gender equality. Interview with Francesca Nonino

For the column promoted by the Gambero Rosso Foundation and dedicated to women, we're interviewing Francesca Nonino, who represents the sixth generation at Grappa Nonino.

Cocktail of the month. Spirito Felix by Natale Palmieri

"Spirito Felix'' is an all-day drink: a spicy, fresh and soft gin sour. Its roots are in what is still called Campania Felix, a region whose land is rich in culture and traditions. Here's the recipe.

Grappa. Exports are on the rise in 2020, but production is down

According to Istat data relating to 2020, AssoDistil reports that there was a 13% increase in exports for Italian grappa. Here are the details.

Alcohol-free cocktails is the newest trend

What's for sure is that less alcohol is being drunk. But what does this mean? Here is what's happening globally, with Italy in the forefront

My Italian pantry. Grappa, the Italian distilled beverage par excellence

From waste product to national liqueur, grape residue brandy has its origins in the Middle Ages. Here is a compendium to gain access in the magical world of grappa, populated by stills and present day "alchemists" as well as the...

Moët Hennessy and Campari to create together an e-commerce player

Online shopping continues to gain momentum. Two giants joined forces to create a pan-European player specialising in wine and spirits. The team will be led by the CEO of Tannico.

The forgotten amari. 8 bitters we loved at Carosello time

Every respectable dinner in Italy ends with a good glass of amaro. So many brands to choose from, but this time we wanted to take a trip in time to remember the iconic brands of the past.

Upperhand Gin. Gin produced in Ireland by two Italians

A Venetian and an Italian-Scottish moved to Ireland to produce their gin. It's the first stop on a journey that will take them to Scotland, to open a distillery where they can produce their Upperhand Gin and other spirits, including...

Irish Coffee: history and recipe of the Irish cocktail

Hot, alcoholic, sweet: Irish Coffee is the perfect beverage on colder days, born in southern Ireland but soon spread all over the world. This is how Irish coffee was born and how it's made.
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