Where to eat and stay in Ponza. The Gambero Rosso guide to the island’s restaurants and hotels

The “pearl of the Pontine islands” has been a favourite destination for Romans and Neapolitans on the first sunny days of the season, when Ponza is still not at all crowded and one can enjoy breathtaking views and food that...

Is it the end for spaghetti and pizza in the USA?

According to an analysis conducted by a consulting firm, thanks to the population of Latin origin and the new generations, Tex-Mex has surpassed Italian cuisine in the preferences of Americans.

Here comes the first Day of Restaurant Dining: to be celebrated on April 28th

April 28th is the Day of Restaurant Dining. An appointment to celebrate hospitality and a sector that is finally smiling again.

Jòia Bun by Hélène Darroze opens in Paris

The collection of restaurants by Hélène Darroze, French chef originally from the Landes, expands: Jòia Bun burger place opens

New vegan openings in Rome. Coffee shops, cocktail bars and steakhouses

The vegan food scene in Rome is in full swing: between restaurants and pastry shops, here are three recently opened unusual places to keep an eye on.

Paul Pairet opens Nonos and Comestibles within Hôtel de Crillon in Paris

After nearly 20 years, Paul Pairet returns to Paris with two new establishments: Nonos and Da Comestible at Hôtel de Crillon.

Roscioli opens in New York: it’s their first branch outside of Italy

Shop, wine bar, restaurant: Roscioli brings the salumeria format to New York; it is the first restaurant of the Roscioli brothers outside of Italy.

Franco Pepe celebrates 10 years of Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo

Franco Pepe celebrates 10 years of Pepe in Grani with the initiative 10 years, 10 friends and more: a series of 4-handed dinners. In the first he is together with Giuseppe Iannotti

Boiling Point released in Italian cinemas: the "behind the scenes" film on a restaurant

Apt and exhaustive title. Between personal problems and constant efforts to keep the high standard of a luxury restaurant, this British film portrays the balance and moments of crisis of a kitchen staff.

Family bar in Italy: breakfast and snack places to visit with the kids

Partly playrooms, partly cafes, family bars are favourite places for parents to enjoy a good snack while their children play or are engaged in recreational activities. Here are not-to-be-missed addresses.
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