Pizza a portafoglio: history, curiosities and how to properly eat it

Hot and steaming, folded on itself, and with a cube of fiordilatte in the centre: pizza a portafoglio is a delight at every bite. What is the history of this variation of classic Neapolitan pizza?

Franco Pepe celebrates 10 years of Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo

Franco Pepe celebrates 10 years of Pepe in Grani with the initiative 10 years, 10 friends and more: a series of 4-handed dinners. In the first he is together with Giuseppe Iannotti

Pizza: how classic pizzas most loved by Italians were born

The choice on the pizzeria menu is getting wider, more refined and delicious thanks to the great pizza artisans, but the traditional toppings remain a staple for many. Here is the history of the "Marinara," the "Margherita" and other historic...

Modernist Pizza: the great book on pizza released in Italian

Considered by many as the "Bible of pizza," Modernist Pizza is a three-volume collection that tells history, evolution, anecdotes, styles, experiments and recipes of the most loved dish ever. We interviewed one of the authors to find out more.

Gino Sorbillo opens Residenza Madre in Naples: rooms above the pizzeria

Gino Sorbillo opens Residenza Madre in Naples: three suites that will soon become six, located right above the historic location of the via dei Tribunali pizzeria.

Pizza and Olive Oil: the Muraglia oil mill meets pizza art on Gambero Rosso Web TV

A new Gambero Rosso production that aims to bring attention to two symbols of fine Made in Italy food: pizza and olive oil.

Pizza scima, the Abruzzo yeast-free pizza recipe

Fast, easy, very tasty: pizza scima is the perfect bread product for a last-minute dinner. This is how this Abruzzo specialty was born.

Focaccia & Co., 8 Molise specialties and a potato focaccia recipe

Corn pizza with soup, krese, fiadone, pizza scimia, these are only a few examples of the typical Molise focaccia tradition. Here are the best Molise baked products, tasty in their simplicity, plus a recipe shared by the Di Riscio Euro...

Pizzerias with outdoor seating in Catania: the not to be missed venues

Soft and digestible pies, local ingredients, pairings with local wines: these are the best outdoor pizzerias in Catania.

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. No distance between Tokyo and Naples with a good pizza

Napoli sta’ ca’’ in Tokyo is the Pizzeria of the Year for the Top Italian Restaurants guide 2021
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