A new Gambero Rosso production that aims to bring attention to two symbols of fine Made in Italy food: pizza and olive oil.

The iconic hand-painted bottles containing the precious green gold have become one of the hallmarks of this historic family business which has always been dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil. Savino Muraglia is the protagonist of a productive and communicative company rebirth through specific channels that aim to raise awareness of both the general public and the most experienced enthusiast.

Hence the creation of the web series “Pizza and Olive Oil”, a Gambero Rosso production that aims to bring attention to two symbols of fine Made in Italy food: pizza and olive oil. In each episode Savino Muraglia will share his journey discovering the best interpreters of pizza art and the products of Frantoio Muraglia will be the protagonists together with the creations of three Italian master pizza makers awarded with the Tre Spicchi recognition of Pizzerie d’Italia guide.

Pizza and extra virgin olive oil: the project behind a marriage of flavours

“The choice of pizza to enhance our extra virgin olive oil and flavoured toppings is all in a game of mutual exaltations: on such a dish, olive oil never behaves like a mere ingredient, but tends to enhance the raw materials and the pizza topping and vice versa. This is why we offer various products to pair with a multitude of creations by the best Italian pizza makers and beyond.” For Savino Muraglia the objective of this project is clear and aims to enhance two prime points of Italy’s culinary and gastronomic heritage in a team game between producer and pizza chef in which captivating pairings are created that arrive straight to the palate in an explosion of aromas and flavours.

A large audience of enthusiasts: who doesn’t like a good pizza?

A concept that also arises from the desire to bring high quality extra virgin olive oil closer to a wide audience capable of appreciating first and foremost a quality pizza, all the way to a gourmet restaurant: “Pizza works on a wide scope and quality pies have taken on a no less important role than gourmet restaurants, thanks to a process that has seen pizza makers increasingly attentive to technique and ingredients. In this regard, we have chosen to invest in this project precisely to bring both the final consumer – who can enjoy the pizzeria – and the pizza chef with his main dish paired with our olive oils, but also involve the b2b public. In this way able to approach the peculiarities of our products through this series of episodes on Gambero Rosso Web TV. All of this is part of a journey that sees us protagonists together with excellent pizza in these appointments, and as sponsors of the next Pizzerie d’Italia 2022 guide”.

Frantoio Muraglia. The oil mill and its history

In the beginning it was Savino Muraglia senior who first bought the land, an expanse of about 40 hectares of olive trees purchased in the name of his love for the countryside, despite everyone telling him that no fortune is made with olives. For ten years now, another Savino–the fifth generation –has held the reins of the company, which continues to reap success both in Italy and abroad. His olive oil is present in 45 countries and annual turnover is around 4.5 million euro, “with a constant growth of 15-20% more every year for some time now.” Medium fruity, intense, pitted, organic oil, flavoured products and even a cold-smoked olive oil made with natural wood: these are the Muraglia specialties, available both in bottles with captivating designs as well as in hand-painted jars with different colours and styles.

All the web series videos “Pizza and Olive Oil”

In the first episode, also available here, the oils by Muraglia Oil Mill meet the pizzas by Diego Vitagliano of Pizzeria 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria in Pozzuoli (NA)


In the second episode the oils by Muraglia Oil Mill meet the pizzas by Jacopo Mercuro of Pizzeria 180g Pizzeria Romana in Rome.

All the videos will always be available on the Gambero Rosso web tv. Enjoy!

by Gambero Rosso