Jòia Bun by Hélène Darroze opens in Paris

The collection of restaurants by Hélène Darroze, French chef originally from the Landes, expands: Jòia Bun burger place opens

Paul Pairet opens Nonos and Comestibles within Hôtel de Crillon in Paris

After nearly 20 years, Paul Pairet returns to Paris with two new establishments: Nonos and Da Comestible at Hôtel de Crillon.

Wine travel food - July/August 2020

Did you know that there's an increasing number of successful Italian restaurants in the French capital? Find out more about this and other stories in our Wine Travel Food.

Bees will save the planet. From Notre Dame to Morgan Freeman: here is who’s advocating

Pesticide pollution and climate change are threatening one of the most important species of our planet: the bees. To save the insects, there's a series of hives on the roof of Notre Dame, and a curious project by Morgan Freeman.

A large urban farm at the Paris Expo

Port de Versailles, Paris. This is where, in the spring of 2020, what will be the largest urban agricultural company in the world will be born. A space of 14,000 square meters inside the Parc Des Expositions, the center dedicated...

Fauchon's first gourmet hotel in Paris. The historic French deli launches into hospitality

In Paris, Fauchon is among the most celebrated gastronomic boutiques. Now, the iconic French gastronomy makes its debut in the hotels world. 

Marco Garfagnini and Pierre Gagnaire open a creative Italian restaurant in Paris

Pierre Gagnaire has been one of his first teachers. After receiving many special awrds, Garfagnini is back in Paris, together with Gagnaire, to open a new original Italian restaurant.

Giovanni Passerini, the Italian chef who bewitched Paris

Contemporary Italian cucina: straightforward, inspired, elegant. A cuisine of research and method, an experience that’s worth the trip. The Italian chef Giovanni Passerini is a perfect example of great modern Italian cuisine.

Eating in the station. How big-name chefs are reviving the French railroads

The partnership between SNFC and French chefs is becoming real. After Eric Frechon, at the end of 2016, Thierry Marx started working at the Gare du Nord in Paris. While, in a few months, chef Michel Roth will arrive in...

Neapolitan pizzaiolo Gennaro Nasti after Popine now opens Bijou: gourmet pizza in Paris

The pizza chef from Secondigliano opened his first pizzeria Popine in Paris only a few months ago. Neapolitan doughs, innovative ideas and Italian ingredients brought him immediate success. Now Gennaro opens Bijou to bake his style of gourmet pizza.
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