Where to eat the best babà in Naples

Each pastry shop has its own secret recipe, many artisans make modern versions, others remain faithful to tradition. In any case, the babà pastry in Naples is a serious thing: here's where to buy the best.

May. 27 2021

Babà: history and legend of the Neapolitan sweet born in France

Strange but true, the babà has its roots in Lorraine and owes its origin to a Polish ruler in exile. The story of the most beloved cake of Naples.

May. 25 2021

Origin and history of Pasta alla genovese

We combed through old recipe books to understand the origin of Pasta alla Genovese.

May. 18 2021

Street food in Naples: the best sandwiches

Stuffed with classic ragù or with eggplant parmigiana, with braised octopus "alla luciana" or with braciole: these are the best sandwiches in Naples and surroundings.

Jul. 09 2019

The best specialty coffees in Naples

There are only two niche bars that have decided to bring the concept of specialty coffee - filter coffee and, more in general, quality coffee - to Naples, home of the "tazzulella." But they are doing a great job: here's ...Leggi altro

Feb. 08 2019

Wine Travel Food – December 2018

Natural wines from Slovenia, Christmas markets, travels, Champagne and more: here are the latest food and wine news from the world.

Dec. 30 2018

Gelato in Naples: the 3 best gelaterias in town

[caption id="attachment_138529" align="alignnone" width=""]Gelato al lampone[/caption] In the birthplace of pizza, home of robust cuisine and realm of tasty pastry, there is also room for quality homemade gelato. The places for the best gelato in Naples are few, but solid.

Aug. 01 2017

Bar Moccia at the airport, history and rebirth of a Neapolitan institution

Founded in 1936 in Chiaia by Giuseppina Moccia, the bakery on via San Pasquale has recently gone through turmoil, which culminated with the collateral assignment of the brand to Fratelli La Bufala last year. Now the Bar Moccia, known for ...Leggi altro

Jul. 13 2017

Out of Town: 10 best tables 1 hour from Naples

Food lovers in the know seek solace from city bedlam in out of town havens. As part of our Out of Town series, today we travel to the province of Naples, where only one hour outside of the city is ...Leggi altro

Jul. 10 2017

Eating in Naples. Guide to the city’s restaurants according to the top chefs

After Milan, it’s now Naples’ turn. Ten big names in the local dining scene suggest their 3 favorite places in and around Naples. Dining recommendations for eating well in Naples: no longer an issue.

Jun. 13 2016
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