The Yule log. The sweet tradition of the Christmas tree trunk

The ritual is widespread mostly in Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe, while the dessert recipe has also landed in Piemonte: the Yule log is a roll of biscuit dough stuffed with jams, spreads, fresh cream and fruit.

Around the world in 10 traditional Christmas desserts

From Italy to the United States, via Australia and France: here are ten characteristic desserts to discover Christmas traditions around the world.

Parrozzo, the dessert loved by poet Gabriele D'Annunzio

One of the most famous Abruzzo desserts is parrozzo. A more modern and equally delicious variant of the cake is pan dell'orso: here are the Christmas treats from Abruzzo.

Tuscan Christmas: panforte and ricciarelli

Panforte and ricciarelli represent the traditional Tuscan Christmas treats. Both the desserts are popular throughout the country, even if their fame is inextricably linked to the city of Siena. Here is the history.

Slow breakfast. History of Greek yogurt, porridge and French toast

There’s nothing better than a filling and delicious porridge to start the day. Here are three tasty ideas for your breakfast.

Struffoli: a Christmas treat from Naples

To characterise the creations of fried balls, decorations made of honey and candied fruit, without forgetting diavulilli, the typical coloured sprinkles. Here are the Italian struffoli.

The best Thanksgiving pie recipes

Served with warm custard or a spoon of ice cream, pies are the perfect conclusion to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Here are our favourite recipes.

Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights: traditions and typical sweets

Between late October and early November, Diwali is celebrated in India, a significant celebration characterised by candles, decorative friezes and delicious sweets with an ancient history. Here's what we eat during the festival.

History, trivia, recipes and anecdotes on puddings

With their vintage charm and often baroque appearance, puddings still have their say in the world of confectionery. Did you know they weren't always sweet? Here's how they were born and how they are prepared.

Desserts with apples and pears: 4 recipes to make at home

Apples and pears are ideal fruits to use in baking: from cakes to pies, here are some suggestions for simple and delicious desserts at home.
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