Blue Monday: beat the most depressing day of the year with these desserts

It is said to be the most depressing day of the year, but Blue Monday doesn’t need to be that sad: beat the blues with these delicious desserts.

Gubana, the typical Friuli Venezia Giulia dessert

With a peculiar shape and delicious filling, here is the history of the traditional holiday treat from the very north-eastern corner of Italy.

Cuccìa, the dessert of Saint Lucia

Palermo or Syracuse? Regardless of its place of origin, cuccìa is undoubtedly prepared on 13 December to celebrate Saint Lucia.

Classy Carnevale fritters by Iginio Massari

Carnevale is a time for fried desserts: chiacchiere, lattughe, castagnole, ravioli and frittelle–fritters. For perfect frittelle we sought the advice of no one other than maestro Iginio Massari.

Apple pie: history, variations and recipes around the world

Perfect snack for children, irresistible guilty pleasure for adults: apple pie is a classic that never goes out of style. Here is how it's prepared in Italy and around the world.

Recipes from great chefs. Davide Palluda's chocolate tart with black truffle and olive oil

Davide Palluda offers a model of cucina that is creative and territorial, intelligent and knowledgeable. He recounts his land (Roero, Piedmont) through his dishes, using all the great local products. Here's one of his recipes for a tasty chocolate dessert,...
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