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Il Panatè Mario Fongo

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The name "Panatè" comes from the word "baker" in regional dialect - and this is exactly how the business got its start in 1945, when Mario Fongo opened his first bakery in Rocchetta Tanaro, in Asti. Over time Fongo saw his passion and dedication rewarded with satisfaction and success. In 1993, he perfected the recipe for his lingue di suocera, crunchy sheets of bread that won over hosts of consumers and became a flagship the world over. Other specialties include his grissini stirata, bread sticks rolled by hand, and the "rubatà", rolled breadsticks that emanate aromas of Mediterranean cuisine. Over the years the business expanded and evolved, but not at the expense of tradition and attention to quality. Today Mario's son Giovanni, together with his wife, Marta, oversee Panatè, drawing on quality ingredients hailing from around the peninsula, like 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, the absence of preservatives, and a special baking method that allows for a 6-month shelf life. A daily, artisanal production approach calls for the use of natural leavening and rolling by hand.


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