Tre Foglie 2022. The best olive oils from Basilicata

Basilicata's performance is in line with other southern Italian regions: here are the best olive oils.

Tre Bicchieri 2022 Previews. The best wines of Calabria and Basilicata

Those who think that there are no more new wine territories to discover in Italy would do well to take a tour of Calabria. But we can also find great wines in Basilicata: here are all the Tre Bicchieri.

Preview Tre Bicchieri 2021. The best wines of Calabria and Basilicata

We continue with the previews of the winners of the tasting batteries for the Gambero Rosso guide Vini d'Italia 2021, today we focus on Calabria and Basilicata.

Tre Bicchieri 2020 Preview. The 5 best wines of Basilicata

Winner previews of Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia 2020 guide continue. Today we land in Basilicata, to reveal the wines that have conquered the Tre Bicchieri top recognition.

Tre Bicchieri 2019 Previews. Basilicata's best wines

Matera is going to be the European Capital of Culture for 2019. If you want to discover more about Basilicata's wine tradition, here is the list of the top wines from our Vini d'Italia 2019 guide. 

Great Vertical Tastings. Paternoster: Power and Elegance in a Southern Red

A spumante exported around the world and an important, powerful, elegant and concentrated red: an expression of the South, bot h are Aglianico, and both are from Paternoster, a family of entrepreneurs who personify a typical Italian story.
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