Tre Foglie 2022. The best olive oils from Basilicata

Jun 20 2022, 15:20 | by Gambero Rosso
Basilicata's performance is in line with other southern Italian regions: here are the best olive oils.

Oli d'Italia 2022

Despite the consequences of climate change, Italy registered a 15% increase in oil production, with respect to 2020, approaching 2019 in terms of overall output. This year we decided to double our efforts, both when it comes to the Oli d’Italia guide, and in terms of supporting the world of extra virgin olive oil. We decided to start by bringing together all the key players, from growers to producers, from chefs to restaurant owners, into a single network. The result is the Gambero Rosso “Community Olio”, a place where people can stay up to date on the latest industry developments, but above all meet and share their needs, stories and ideas with the understanding that exchange at all levels is a key drivers of growth.

The best olive oils from Basilicata

Basilicata's performance is in line with other southern Italian regions. The numbers testify to a 14% increase in production, for a total output of approximately 4,400 tons of oil. On the other hand, Basilicata once again proves to be demonstrating an ever-deeper awareness of its olive growing potential, thanks to farmers and oil millers who are increasingly attentive to quality.

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