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Top Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

Italian restaurants in Los Angeles are on such different dimensions. We hadn’t calculated the immense differences when planning our visits. Lots of fine quality Italian dining, starting from legend Piero Selvaggio by way of the authentic pugliesi flavours in West Hollywood as well as new projects which make established gourmet destinations pale in comparison.



In the soccer world just a few "10" jersey have left an indelible mark, and few of them have even tried their hands at catering....
Los Angeles 
$ 70.0

Provami Pizzeria

The name of Vito Iacopelli is now a point of reference for lovers of fine pizza in Los Angeles. Starting from scratch, over time he...
Los Angeles 
$ 35.0

Palmeri Ristorante

An unexpected rustic cooking in Los Angeles. The authentic cuisine of Sicilian Ottavio Palmeri includes dishes from several Italian regions, ranging from fish to meat,...
Los Angeles 
$ 50.0

Angelini Osteria

Taste of home and simple, traditional gestures: Angelini has been a certainty in Los Angeles since 2001. Born near Rimini, Gino Angelini has created a...
Los Angeles 
$ 70.0


The master of risotto has settled on Sixth Avenue. Originally from Bergamo, Valentino's longtime chef Angelo Auriana opened his restaurant in 2016 by repurposing a...
Los Angeles 
$ 60.0

Drago Centro

Nothing is left to chance in the realm of chef Celestino Drago. Brights rooms and attentive service, despite the large number of customers. We simply...
Los Angeles 
$ 70.0

Pizzeria Sapori

A classic restaurant in a quiet corner of Newport Beach that combines a solid kitchen with well-executed pizza. Great attention to detail, from the pizza...
Los Angeles 
$ 40.0

Il Segreto

An Italian lounge restaurant to escape from the ordinary with its inviting decor and classic Italian menu. Many celebrities among its clientele, besides regulars looking...
Los Angeles 
$ 70.0
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