Officine Brera

Average Price: $ 40  

The master of risotto has settled on Sixth Avenue. Angelo Auriana originally from Bergamo was the resident chef at Valentino in Santa Monica for years. He opened his own gig in February 2016, repurposing a defunct industrial warehouse in an outlying area of town. The cuisine is based on prime quality ingredients and the foundations of cucina povera. The place is cool and contemporary, with a menu that skips the classic order and a brilliant wine list focused on northern Italian wines and a fine selection of cocktails, teas and beers. Fine starters include a proper farinata, and a delicious, juicy roast octopus. Classic saffron risotto is made with properly blended vialone nano rice, mixed with a thin layer of raspadura cheese. The slow braised beef is a reassuring embrace. Hands down, the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Closing days:
Open from 11 AM until 2.00 PM and from 5.00 PM until 10.00 PM
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