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Top Italian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai. Few cities have grown on a food level like Dubai has. The regional classic recipes are the symbol of a city that adores traditional Italian cuisine served in an elegant setting. Dubai has already welcomed Heinz Beck, and Niko Romito, and has just host the first adventure abroad of Massimo Bottura. There’s still space for improvement but you’re going to have many surprises. And if you love pizza…


L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

The Condurro family pizzeria is now a famous brand in Italy and abroad, as shown by the latest opening in Los Angeles or the second ...
د.إ 110.0


Enrico Coppola and Luigi Guarnaccia have successfully carried forward the project of bringing Italian cuisine to Dubai. At Luigia's, the menu draws heavily on typical...
د.إ 120.0


The maritime theme and the blue and white colours dominate the scene in this new opening on Bluewaters Island. Lots of light and a cuisine...
د.إ 300.0

Torno Subito

The Dolce Vita in Dubai. There is all the whimsical, cheerful, and festive spirit of Massimo Bottura––the most celebrated Italian chef in Italy thanks to...
د.إ 230

Il Ristorante - Niko Romito

Autentico sapore italiano a Dubai. A beautiful location, with well-finished wooden furnishings, a nice view of the sea outside, and well-spaced tables. Firstly, the raw...
د.إ 600

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai

Style, classic, contained, elegant, hues are typical of Tuscan trattorias. Handsome delicatessen counter at the entrance, the perfect slicer and the perfect espresso machine, too....
د.إ 220
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