Il Ristorante – Niko Romito

Average Price: د.إ 250  

Our last visit confirms a remarkable qualitative leap forward. From the details alone it’s easy to see the balance of infusions and extracts, or the bread, even more tasty and fragrant, certainly the best in town. Already the welcome of the chef, with bruschetta that brings to light a sweet and ripe tomato, together with an excellent olive oil, is an example of the cleanliness of flavours, a trademark of chef Niko Romito, who has chosen talented Giacomo Amicucci for his beautiful restaurant with overlooking the sea in Jumeirah. The lasagna is quite tasty, but the deviled chicken with capers and potatoes is more delicious (the latter could have just been cooked a little longer). The other dishes also demonstrate high quality ingredients, as well as fine service. Improved wine list, for an overall satisfying experience in a refined and bright ambiance.

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