Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai

Average Price: د.إ 220  

Style, classic, contained, elegant, hues are typical of Tuscan trattorias. Handsome delicatessen counter at the entrance, the perfect slicer and the perfect espresso machine, too. And then finally, solid Italian cuisine that’s ingredient-based, focusing on organic products and using traditional recipes, and always under the close supervision of chef Fulvio Opalio, who is very capable of managing the city’s tempo. Homemade dishes shine in the panzanella, or the chickpea cream from Chianti, the pici all’aglione (handamade Tuscan pasta dressed with lots of organic garlic, tomato sauce and basil), the tagliatelle with Umbria black truffle and fabulous Fiorentina steaks. The bread and the pizzas are equally good. The wine list is well structured with reduced markups for Dubai. Tuscan wines of Il Borro take center stage. Meal endings feature daily sorbet, tiramisu or little apple crostatas.

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