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Find out more about Top Italian Restaurants special awards 2021

Top Italian Restaurants Special Awards 2021

There are more than 700 venues of authentic Italian flavour listed in our Top Italian Restaurants guide. Here is the list of the special awards 2021.

Dec. 22 2020
Find out more about walnuts

Dried Christmas fruits. Walnuts: properties, nutritional values and uses in the kitchen

A rather mysterious fruit, which has given rise to myths and legends, but also a gluttonous, substantial and nutritious product. This is why the walnut cannot be missing on the festive table.

Dec. 18 2020
Francesco Panella

Being a restaurateur. “A love story” by Francesco Panella

“Our job? We make people forget about problems and make them feel what they really are: special.” A message of love by restaurateur Francesco Panella.

Jun. 01 2020

Managing a restaurant in Sweden’s soft lockdown. Giancarlo Clark’s experience in Stockholm

Since 1988 Mancini has been a point of reference for Italian dining in Stockholm. Sommelier Giancarlo Clark tells us how the sector is experiencing the crisis in a Sweden that apparently never stopped.

May. 12 2020

Dining after the Coronavirus: Davide Oldani speaks. The restaurant of the future is Pop

Dining after Coronavirus will be different for sure. How will the restaurants look like once the pandemic is over? Here's the answer by an Italian chef.

Apr. 30 2020
Top Italian Restaurants 2020 cover

Top Italian Restaurants 2020: the best Italian food abroad

An online guide that puts together the best Italian food spots in the world: here is the new edition of Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Restaurants.

Apr. 20 2020
Lake Como

Tour of Lake Como to understand the reasons for the gourmet trend

It all started with George Clooney. Who would have expected it? In a placid, quiet area, suitable for families or maybe elderly couples, arrives the Hollywood star, he buys a villa and from that moment on is a veritable invasion ...Leggi altro

Jan. 13 2020

Trentino Alto Adige cuisine. The ABC of the region’s typical products

Knodel dumplings served in broth are perfect for the colder days, plus there's spätzle and all the holiday specialties that star at local Christmas markets. Here's what to taste in Trentino Alto Adige.

Jan. 08 2020
Espresso coffee

Italian espresso coffee candidate for UNESCO Heritage. What’s in the future of the cup?

Known and appreciated all over the world, Italian espresso is a candidate to become an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Good news, but it's useful to read it critically

Dec. 10 2019

Grandmas Project. Grandmothers in the kitchen on short films about the 20th century

Born in 2016 and growing thanks to crowdfunding, the project conceived by the film maker Jonas Pariente invites all the directors of the world to share short documentaries online portraying their grandmothers starting with a recipe. Grandmas Project is not ...Leggi altro

Oct. 18 2019

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