Michela Becchi


Laureata in letteratura inglese, dopo tre anni trascorsi a Londra torna a Roma per il Master in Comunicazione e Giornalismo Enogastronomico della Gambero Rosso Academy. In forze al Gambero Rosso dal 2015, lavora principalmente per il sito internet versione italiana e inglese, ma collabora anche con le guide e il mensile. Assaggiatrice di olio extravergine di oliva, appassionata di caffè, ha una predilezione per le tematiche ambientali, le tradizioni gastronomiche e il riciclo creativo in cucina. Piatto preferito: pane e olio.

Italian sounding. Stop to the registration of “Calpolicella” in the USA

There's no end to the attempts at imitation of Amarone della Valpolicella. The Consorzio di tutela vini della Valpolicella and the Verona Chamber of Commerce protested to the American copyright office and blocked a classic instance of Italian sounding.

Mar. 25 2017

Flippy, the new robot developed to help chefs in the kitchen

Robotics and AI are in constant evolution. Hailing from California is now Flippy, a brand new android capable of cooking and aiding chefs 

Mar. 17 2017

Bonci comes to Chicago, Callegari opens Trapizzino in New York. Pizza italiana conquers the USA

The most popular pizzaiolo in Rome, Gabriele Bonci, is about to bring his concept of pizza beyond Italy's borders. Meanwhile, Stefano Callegari, the inventor of Trapizzino, the best known and loved Roman street food, has opened a new spot in ...Leggi altro

Mar. 12 2017

The latest McDonald’s ad makes fun of the specialty coffee trend, doing it a favour

Irreverent and entertaining, the McDonald's ad aims to publicise the coffee corner of the fast food franchise, the McCafè. It does so making fun of the new trend of specialty coffee bars, highly select roasts and extracted by attentive baristas. ...Leggi altro

Mar. 07 2017

Olieria in Bologna: the city’s first extra virgin olive oil shop

Bologna’s unstoppable food buzz continues, with its ever-growing list of tasty destinations. The Emilia-Romagna city furthermore prepares to open its first ever “oleoteca” a store devoted to Italy’s green gold. 

Mar. 01 2017

Davide Palluda: the Roero according to me

He has brought his own home territory out of the shadow of the nearby Langhe, given depth to the Enoteca Regionale and presents his Roero zone in each of his dishes, recounting the land and its history. Davide Palluda offers ...Leggi altro

Feb. 25 2017

Bonci lands in Chicago: here are the newest projects of the Michelangelo of pizza

Pizza guru Gabriele Bonci – the man in charge of revolutionizing the concept of pizza sold by weight in Rome, innovative baker, after the Carrefour Market chain of grocery stores – launches a brand new endeavour abroad, opening a shop ...Leggi altro

Feb. 09 2017

Food tech: the most promising innovations for 2017

Technological innovations are dominating the food industry. Which are the most promising ones of 2017? The list is full of different names, but Amazon remains the leader of food tech in the world.

Feb. 06 2017

Goals of the Just Eat Ethical Restaurant: reduce waste and redistribute food

The Just Eat food delivery leading brand’s commitment to the fight against food waste. It’s done via a series of restaurants that have chosen to redistribute food surplus and transform leftovers in gourmet meals. The launch of the Just Eat ...Leggi altro

Feb. 06 2017

Caffeine, the story of the British magazine on quality coffee

The British magazine is entirely focused on the dark beverage that’s most enjoyed around the world: coffee. Specifically, the 40K bi-monthly issues highlight quality coffee. Here is the story of Caffeine.

Jan. 31 2017
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