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FInd out more about wine travel food
Wine Travel Food January/February 2021: here are all the news …
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Find out more about edible flowers

Edible flowers. Tips by Crea for using them in the kitchen with chef’s recipes

Flowers to eat: why not? As the latest research from Crea shows, adding petals and buds to dishes is not just a trend …
Find out more about Waffles+Mochi series by Michelle Obama

Waffles+Mochi, Michelle Obama’s Netflix series dedicated to healthy nutrition

Eating healthy is essential in childhood and the former first lady knows it well: champion of well-being, Michelle Obama is now back on …
Find out more about Egypt brewery

Egypt: a 5,000 year old “industrial brewery” discovered in Abydos

Apparently, the distinction between artisanal and industrial breweries dates back to the Nile Civilisation: a “brewery” has just been found in the archaeological …
Find out more about Italian regional variations of espresso

Italians at the coffee bar: regional variations and the traditions of espresso coffee

Corretto, lungo, ristretto, but also on ice, Fano-style, Padua-style… voilà the expressions of coffee in Italy …
Find out more about the history of frappe

Frappe. History, origin and anecdotes of a centuries-old recipe

Chiacchiere, crostoli, bugie, cenci, frappe, galani. All descending from a single and unequivocal ancestor, which dates back to the Renaissance. Here is the …
Frappe Ostia
Carnival, Food shops

Pasticceria Simona: the Ostia frappe bakery that opens only during Carnevale

In February Italians indulge in frappe and castagnole. On the Roman coast, in the district of Ostia, there is a small bakery that …
Find out more about Lidia Bastianich and her book

Il mio sogno americano. The autobiography book by Lidia Bastianich.

Lidia Bastianich’s autobiography: Il mio sogno americano. From her birth in Pula to his success in America, including her escape to Trieste and …
Find out more about the Italain cuisine in the world
Week of Italian cuisine in the world

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. Fighting “bad business” of Italian cuisine around the world

Here’s how to fight bad businesses of Italian cuisine around the world …

The Italian Wine Bible

Now in its 24th edition, Italian Wines 2021 is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia 2021.

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