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Abruzzo cuisine: regional products, A to Z

Think arrosticini and ferratelle, by way of pecorino and mostaccioli: here's the best Abruzzo food.

Jul. 29 2019

Cassinelli in Astoria: the history of Italian pasta in New York

The oldest Italian pasta factory in Astoria, New York, invites customers to closely observe the pasta production process. Here's the story of Cassinelli.

Jul. 29 2019

The nonna and the international marketing of Italian food

Italian cuisine has been gaining enormous terrain in terms of status and global notoriety. Home recipes have a deep impact on the reproduction of the Italian culture among foreigners. An analysis of the figure of Italian nonna.

Jul. 29 2019
Old Bettys Café

Bettys: English tea room in Yorkshire turns 100 years old

Historic tearoom and centennial pastry company: the story of Bettys, the timeless classic of Yorkshire confectionery art.

Jul. 28 2019

Agriculture stalled in the first quarter: good wine exports but falling prices

Wine rose again compared to 2018, selling out with 4.9 million hectoliters, but there's a general decline in prices. All the details about the first part of the year for the agricultural sector.

Jul. 17 2019

Go: the first olfactory gallery of wine Aromi e musica housed in a barrel cellar

Olfactory Gallery of Cantina Zeni is a place that offers a new educational experience, an exciting game, a unique oeno-sensorial tasting experience. Here is how it works.

Jul. 16 2019

Coca Cola is giving in to the call of wine?

Coca Cola Amatil, a subsidiary of Coca Cola, could join forces with a private equity group to take hold of a big wine business. Is it just a rumor or is the American giant actually tempted by the wine world?

Jul. 16 2019

Wine buy of the month: Fiano Vigna della Congregazione 2016 by Villa Diamante

Notes of meadow herbs, orange peel and ginger, with an overwhelming tangy sprint: here's Fiano Vigna della Congregazione 2016 by Villa Diamante.

Jul. 12 2019
A glass of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

Verdicchio Boys. How new generations rethink winemaking of Castelli di Jesi

Longevity and versatility, pushed towards organic regimen and experimentation. The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is experiencing one of the magic moments of its history. The secret? The new wine producers who, next to the historical names of the denomination, ...Leggi altro

Jul. 12 2019
Wine Travel Food June 2019

Wine Travel Food – June 2019

The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is experiencing one of the magic moments of its history. To find out more about Verdicchio Boys, here is our Wine Travel Food, with lots of news about food and wine from all over ...Leggi altro

Jul. 11 2019
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