Go: the first olfactory gallery of wine Aromi e musica housed in a barrel cellar

Jul 16 2019, 13:21 | by Gambero Rosso
Olfactory Gallery of Cantina Zeni is a place that offers a new educational experience, an exciting game, a unique oeno-sensorial tasting experience. Here is how it works.

It's the most ancient sense, the most mysterious and, for this very reason, it's also the most studied one. We are talking about the sense of smell, an extraordinary sense that makes us see things with our eyes closed, makes us listen in silence, and one which escapes rationality. In a world measured with pixels, it's nice to rediscover the power of olfactory molecules.

Olfactory Gallery of Catina Zeni

This is what Elena Zeni thought when she started designing “go”, the Olfactory Gallery of Cantina Zeni 1870. This is the first example in Italy: a place that offers a new educational experience, an exciting game, a unique oeno-sensorial tasting experience. Created in the spaces of the estate's Bottaia, i.e. the barrel room, a place of refinement of the great wines, "go" is a veritable gallery where visitors can come in contact with the aromatic components of the wines of the cellar, isolated and enclosed in red cubes, true olfactory paintings.

The Olfactory Gallery: how it works

Approaching each installation, the visitor must let himself be guided by his own nose, putting his olfactory memory to the test. The Gallery was born from the idea of Elena Zeni and the meeting of different professionals who have combined their senses and their sensibilities in the realization of the project. Elena Zeni has strongly willed this experiential space, where wine tasting goes beyond the technical boundary, heading straight to the heart and mind, leaving emotions alive.

The olfactory universe

The conception and realization was entrusted to architect Simone Spiritelli, in team with colleague Carlo Fantelli, author of several projects for the Cantina F.lli Zeni 1870. The nose of Paola Bottai, creator of fragrances, analyzed the olfactory universe of wines of the cellar to create fourteen essences that mark the sensory journey.

Best of Wine Tourism

And finally Nina Danon composed the piece of music that accompanies the viewer in the olfactory discovery. A song whose timbres and frequencies stimulate olfactory concentration. A deeply immersive experience, which stimulates all the senses. This led Zeni 1870 to win the Best of Wine Tourism 2018 award, established by the Verona Chamber of Commerce, in the categories "Local winner - innovative wine tourism experience" and "Best of Global Winner".

The wines

The oeno-sensory experience of "go" also includes the tasting of two wines analyzed, combined with cheese samples. The two wines are changed every year or so, to allow even the most affectionate visitors to be able to repeat the gallery visit and try out more aromas. In July the two new wines will be presented: Bardolino Chiaretto Classico In Anfora and Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Vigne Alte, two excellent labels, symbols of historically representative territories of Cantina Zeni 1870.

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