Tre Bicchieri 2024, the best wines from Abruzzo and Molise awarded by Gambero Rosso

Abruzzo is a region deeply steeped in viticulture, and wine production is an integral part of its economy. Here are the best wines 2024.

Tre Bicchieri 2024, the best wines from Calabria awarded by Gambero Rosso. The "green revolution"

Calabria didn’t disappoint this year either. For decades, the region seemed unable to wake from its prolonged slumber, a state it had lulled us into for so long. Here are the best wines.

Tre Bicchieri 2024: the best wines from Alto Adige awarded by Gambero Rosso

Bolzano’s producers stand out for their acute awareness as they confront new challenges. Here are the best wines from Alto Adige.

Tre Bicchieri 2024, the best wines from Sicily awarded by Gambero Rosso

If the grand declaration of Sicilian wines–the "Sicilian renaissance" of a few years ago–was driven by the reds, primarily Nero d’Avola, recent years have seen a resounding comeback of the whites.

Wine Travel Food - July/August 2023

There is a glaring hole in the delivery chain: it concerns food safety and the cleanliness of the containers where food is placed during transport. Here's to find out more about it.

Summer drinks: 4 refreshing cocktails and punches for your aperitivo

Staying cool in the summer heat is not easy. That’s why a good and fresh drink can always come in handy: here are 4 ideas for the perfect aperitivo.

Where to drink natural wines in Naples: the best wine bars

The fashion for natural wines is also depopulating in Naples, thanks to niche wine bars that have decided to bet on this production. Here are a series of addresses not to be missed.

Wine Travel Food - May/June 2023

After ten years of controversy, many of the values underlying the new movement of natural wines are finally affirmed. Find out more in our Wine Travel Food.

Tenuta Le Cave, where wine meets hospitality

A real amphitheatre dug in the rock frames Tenuta Le Cave, a wine relais located in Tregnago, where Valpolicella gives way to the initial elevations of the Lessinia Natural Park.

Terrecarsiche 1939, a homage to Murgia

Owned by the Insalata family, today Nicola leads a company that strongly focuses on its territory, the Murgia Barese. With Gioia del Colle Primitivo Fanova '20, Terrecarsiche 1939 won its first Tre Bicchieri. Let's discover the winery together.
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