Tenuta Le Cave, where wine meets hospitality

May 4 2023, 14:55 | by Gambero Rosso
A real amphitheatre dug in the rock frames Tenuta Le Cave, a wine relais located in Tregnago, where Valpolicella gives way to the initial elevations of the Lessinia Natural Park.

Tenute Le Cave

The name already lends more than a few clues about the scenario in which the estate was born. The location is Tregnago, in the Illasi Valley, the easternmost of Valpolicella. It is here that Francesca Ambrosini leads a very fascinating winery where the beauty of the landscape, the winemaking tradition and care for hospitality come together to offer a unique experience. "The estate stands on land that was owned by my family, who had already planted some vineyards," says Francesca, "in 2012 we thought of renovating it by giving it an accommodation purpose, immediately combining hospitality with the wine cellar project to offer a combination of great charm." The projects therefore arose simultaneously: the winery with the Tasi brand and the Le Cave relais. "The area where we were born is characterised precisely by this marl quarry, extracted as late as the last century. This has left us with a conformation on the territory that today fosters the production of quality wines." At the gates of the Lessinia Natural Park, this white rock amphitheatre frames a structure composed of a main body which houses 17 rooms furnished with unique design pieces, a restaurant, a lounge bar, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and a fitness centre. To all this is also Villa Maccalè, located about 500 metres from the main building, where the suites are located. Between the corridors of the two structures, great space is given to visual art: there are particular and refined design pieces, as well as real works of art by established and emerging artists.

In the rooms of Tenuta Le Cave great importance is given to Made in Italy brands, to cross-pollination of distant lands, present in every room. "We are tied to traditions and believe in the values of sharing and being together; hence our choice not to equip our rooms or common areas with television sets, to make the stay one in deep connection and harmony with the surrounding area." The very large suites boast a distinct modern style, enriched by precious multi-ethnic furnishings. The exposed Verona marble showers and large windows complete the refined decor, blending in harmony with the enchanting panorama of the Illasi Valley vineyards.

Experiences in Tenuta Le Cave

It is obvious that a reality of this kind can offer many different types of experience, "ranging from wine tastings, accompanied by a visit to the vineyards, to spa treatments, offered with natural organic products from the area. The more more dynamic types can opt for mountain bike or e-bike excursions on the nearby Lessinia mountains, while those who are more attentive to the gastronomic aspect can savour the fresh and dynamic cuisine of our chef Massimiliano Gnani, which uses local ingredients according to seasonality." The dishes offered present both classic preparations and playful and innovative techniques, always at the service of taste and ingredients, but above all of customers' needs. The pairings are classic but with small details that make the offer unexpected. The suppliers are in direct contact with the chef and the kitchen staff, in order to guarantee the absolute excellence of the products. The cuisine of the estate has a style reminiscent of a bistro: without useless details, instead concrete and of great taste. Considerable importance is given to the aromatic herbs of the garden within the estate, grown and cared for directly by the kitchen brigade. Great attention is also paid to the pairings of organic and biodynamic wines, to enhance the characteristics and particularities of the dishes offered and thus create an even stronger link with the territory.

What most attracts all these people to Tenuta Le Cave? "We immediately focused on tourism linked to the wine aspect. It is and remains the first driving force of a visit to Tenuta Le Cave. It is the main reason that moves our customers and this is why we continue to invest in the food and wine project, precisely to offer a complete experience: a good dish must necessarily be paired to an equally good glass of wine." Today there are 15 hectares of vineyards and they almost exclusively host the typical grapes of Valpolicella, corvina, corvinone and rondinella, cultivated with great attention to the environment. "We have chosen to set up all our activities, starting from the agricultural one, with the utmost and total respect for the territory. Actually, we like to talk about "regeneration of the territory." And it is easily understood when someone comes to visit us: our vineyards are alive; we believe that the landscape characterised by the vineyard is a landscape organised by the hand of man and we seek to ensure that this artifice is positive, for the territory and for ourselves who live here every day. It is certainly different to look out over a valley treated naturally, as we do, compared to looking at the same valley contaminated by intensive farming."


"Tenuta Le Cave is part of the LoVe - Land of Venice project, in which hospitality, taste and culture entrepreneurs network to raise awareness regarding the artistic and poetic side of Land of Venice. The local creative scene and the artists' gaze employed to enjoy original and unusual itineraries from the Dolomites to the Lagoon and make tourists from all over the world fall in love with the Veneto region."

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