Wine Travel Food – May 2020

From Manduria to western world's wines, here are all the latest food and wine news.

May. 06 2020

Northern Australia: amid aborigines and extreme flavours

We toured Northern Australia, the region that was untouched by the dramatic fires that devastated the east and south of the country at the beginning of the year. With some advice for where to eat (including raw worms, if desired) ...Leggi altro

Apr. 08 2020

Dining on the Raa atoll in the Maldives. An Italian in the kitchen of the Emerald Maldives Resort

We went to a resort hotel in the Maldives to discover the secrets of the local cuisine.

Mar. 12 2020

Tour of Lake Como to understand the reasons for the gourmet trend

It all started with George Clooney. Who would have expected it? In a placid, quiet area, suitable for families or maybe elderly couples, arrives the Hollywood star, he buys a villa and from that moment on is a veritable invasion ...Leggi altro

Jan. 13 2020

Slovenia is now a food destination

Slovenia is ever increasingly a destination for gourmet tourism, thanks to its attentive government and its great products. Here are the reasons why you should go visit it soon.

Jan. 25 2019

Durian, the world’s most ill-smelling tropical fruit

It's one of the most ill-smelling products in the whole world, but in Asia it is considered as a real specialty. We tried durian at the Chinatown market in Singapore and here are our comments.

Jan. 11 2019

Foody, the start-up that connects tourists to local cooks

Social eating is in constant growth, with it come a plethora of newly launched start-ups, innovative platforms developed for food sharing. The latest project is called Foody, a food tourism platform created for travellers looking for a 360-degree culinary experience.

Sep. 04 2017

Finland. Turku, the new culinary Mecca

Despite the lingering cold, on the Aura River the Finnish movida quickly gains speed after a winter slowdown. In July and August, the love of good eating and conviviality awakens along the river in Turku.

Sep. 02 2017

CaselloTypico app shows products & restaurants along highways

An unusual interactive food guide devised for gourmand motorists driving along Italian highways. CaselloTypico lists the best restaurants and local specialties located in the surroundings at tollbooths. This allows travellers to plan their tasty on the road itinerary. 

Aug. 28 2017

Palermo. The renaissance of cucina d’autore

Don’t believe the Palermitani who tell you that nothing interesting is happening in their city. Palermo, for those who live there, is often obvious, taken for granted. But recently, it’s been doing its best to show its brighter side, the ...Leggi altro

Jul. 24 2017
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