Impastiamo. An online cooking lessons project for charity

Impastiamo is a young American company created by Silvia Carluccio to support American chefs during the first lockdown. Following the project's success, online cooking lessons continued but the proceeds now go to different charities. On the 22nd it’s for the ...Leggi altro

Apr. 22 2021

The ScrapsBook: Ikea’s waste-saving cookbook that teaches how to repurpose kitchen scraps

Ikea Canada against climate change: in collaboration with ten North American chefs, Ikea featured a free online waste-saving cookbook, containing many ideas that give kitchen scraps a second life.

Apr. 13 2021

Nutritional values and properties of plant-based milks as dairy-free alternatives

Vegans’ favourite, they are also particularly suitable for people with lactose intolerance or cow’s milk protein allergy: here are the plant-based milks to taste.

Apr. 09 2021

Is the future of wine in Norway?

It is still a niche, but Norway is also attempting wine production, "thanks" to global warming. Danilo Costamagna, an engineer from Cuneo, explains what it means to produce wine in the Nordic country, between hybrid vines and cold coverings

Mar. 11 2021

Mobile chicken coop in Trentino. Here’s how it works

A chicken coop on wheels that moves as the hens run out of fresh grass to peck: the winning idea of a young entrepreneur from the Trentino Anselmi farm

Feb. 12 2021

Veganuary. Books on vegan nutrition

To get closer to anti-speciesism, it may be useful to read some books on the topic: here are the ones we selected to understand more about veganism.

Jan. 19 2021

The cuisine of leftovers: traditional Italian recipes

Fighting food waste with taste: the most delicious recipes based on leftovers, and our tips for recovering waste.

Jan. 16 2021

Cooking with scraps: that’s why it’s time to use waste

A key detail to keep in mind: it’s always better to use fresh vegetables quickly. For the rest, a sustainability expert explains everything about the use of skins and leaves.

Jan. 14 2021

The products of the hive. Properties and uses of pollen, royal jelly and propolis

Natural anti-inflammatory, bee products are valuable sources of nutrients useful to the body of children and adults. Here’s how they come about and how to use them best.

Jan. 12 2021

Veganuary: why choose to eat less meat

Time for change, starting at the table. In contributing to the fight against climate change, it's mandatory to reduce our meat intake. An easy way to get started? Veganuary invites everyone to give up on animal products for a month.

Jan. 08 2021
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