Entangled Life. The book that explains how fungi regulate life on Earth

How much do fungi influence our life but above all our future? It's from this question that biologist and author Merlin Sheldrake started to explain the hidden connections in the ecosystem.

Jul. 14 2021

The cuisine of leftovers: traditional Italian recipes

Fighting food waste with taste: the most delicious recipes based on leftovers, and our tips for recovering waste.

Jun. 25 2021

Country cuisine. The book on peasant culture and recipes of the past

Seasonal, with a predominance of plant components, rich in grains and legumes: the cuisine of the farming communities of the past is an exemplary model for a healthy diet. All the details in the book. The return to the countryside.

Jun. 21 2021

Swiss voters reject pesticide ban. Blow for environmentalists.

The referendum on 13 June was voted down by more than 60%, despite the ongoing debate on the importance of encouraging healthy and environmentally friendly food production.

Jun. 17 2021

Shopping on tap: the advantage of buying unpackaged

One goes to the store with one's own containers, choosing the necessary foods and placing them directly in the bags. Without plastic or other packaging. It's the new (old) concept of shopping on tap, which is back in fashion: here ...Leggi altro

Jun. 15 2021

Loose product stores in Milan: where to shop sans plastic

There's a solidarity shop that gives work to people who have been unemployed for over 6 months, a retro-style grocery store and a self-managed pop-up store: here's a list of the loose product shops in Milan.

Jun. 06 2021

World Environment Day. How to reduce environmental impact in the kitchen

What does it mean to celebrate the environment? The theme is complex and delicate, but we've drawn up a list of actions to set a good example in the kitchen, be it at home or in the restaurant.

Jun. 05 2021

Grocery shopping sans plastic: loose product stores in Rome

Not a trend of the moment (plastic-free, is on everyone's lips), nor a passing fad: in starting to rethink our way of shopping is now necessary. Here's where to buy in Rome.

Jun. 03 2021

Impastiamo. An online cooking lessons project for charity

Impastiamo is a young American company created by Silvia Carluccio to support American chefs during the first lockdown. Following the project's success, online cooking lessons continued but the proceeds now go to different charities. On the 22nd it’s for the ...Leggi altro

Apr. 22 2021

The ScrapsBook: Ikea’s waste-saving cookbook that teaches how to repurpose kitchen scraps

Ikea Canada against climate change: in collaboration with ten North American chefs, Ikea featured a free online waste-saving cookbook, containing many ideas that give kitchen scraps a second life.

Apr. 13 2021
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