Nomacorc Ocean:the first plastic cap recycled from the oceans

Feb 28 2023, 10:09 | by Michela Becchi
It's called Nomacorc Ocean and it's the latest sustainability project from Vinventions. The Sicilian label Donnafugata was chosen for the worldwide launch.

Nomacorc Ocean: the first plastic cap recycled from the oceans

The plastic dispersed along the coastlines around the world is transformed into a stopper for wine bottles. It is the new frontier of sustainability reached by Vinvention (leader in alternative wine stopper solutions) with the Nomacorc Ocean project. To present the novelty worldwide, the group has chosen Italy, with the Sicilian label Donnafugata, which has a thirty-year commitment to environmental and social sustainability behind it. In particular, Damarino, Bianco Sicilia Doc, will be the first wine in the world to use a cap produced by recycled plastic collected in coastal areas (within 200 metres), to avoid pollution of the oceans.

The second life of Ocean Bound Plastic

"According to scientific studies, waste destined to end up in the oceans generates 80% of marine pollution. Our plastic comes from Asia, one of the areas where marine pollution emissions are considered to be the highest in the world," recalls Romain Thomas, Nomacorc product manager at Vinventions. One way to clean up the ocean, but also to give a second life, according to the principles of the circular economy, to that waste called Ocean Bound Plastic, or Obp: plastic waste recovered in coastal regions where collection systems are non-existent, or deficient, and where they represent the highest risk of pollution.

Damarino will contribute to the recycling of 1.15 tonnes of Obp

"We are proud that Vinventions has chosen us to launch this project" explains Josè Rallo, owner of Donnafugata with his brother Antonio "because it allows us to strengthen our commitment to environmental sustainability with concrete and tangible results: thanks to the introduction of this cap on our Damarino we contributed to the recycling of 1.15 tonnes of Obp."

"From a technological standpoint, it is a stopper with proven performance among the most used in the wine supply chain" adds Antonio Rallo "but it is the materials and their origin that is a real innovation; Nomacorc Ocean allows us to strengthen our commitment to environmental protection, especially for seas and oceans."


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